Spiritual Healer & Bestselling Author

Joanne’s distance spiritual healing treatments and spiritual healing training is changing lives.


Joanne’s spiritual healing results speak for themselves. Check out the astonishing testimonials of people’s real healing success – from overcoming cancer, to healing from illness, disease, depression, aches, pains and more  > HEALING TESTIMONIALS

Spiritual Healing Teacher

Joanne has continuously studied varied aspects of spiritual/energy healing since 1988, when she was only 17. A Welsh/Celtic spiritual healer from South Wales, who has crossed the pond to live in the USA. Joanne is passionate about Spiritual Healing, the Mystical Power of Prayer, and the body’s Spiritual and Energetic Anatomy.

More about Joanne here > Joanne Brocas

More about the Spiritual Healing Level One Online Course here > SHL1

International Best-selling Author

Joanne is a number one award winning and bestselling author of seven books, with some translated into other languages. Her books truly help to light-up peoples lives with powerful healing information and spiritual insight.

Joanne’s books have received incredible endorsements by other healing experts, bestselling authors, and medical doctors such as:

  • Christiane Northrup, MD, ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times best-seller Goddesses Never Age.
  • C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., is a neurosurgeon trained at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Larry Dossey, M.D., is a leader in bringing scientific understanding to spirituality.

Joanne’s books have been mentioned in Publishers Weekly, and MBR Reviewers, who recommended that her healing book ‘Angel Medicine’ be included in all community libraries nationally in the USA as metaphysical research for study purposes.

Angel Prayers can be purchased on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and in all good bookstores!

Released May 2016

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