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Thank you for experiencing a distance spiritual healing treatment with myself.

This page is dedicated to offering you aftercare spiritual and energetic support and guidance for you to take charge of your own energies and to improve the overall quality of your consciousness.

To gain access to the aftercare video recording below, simply enter the password that has been sent to you. The rest of the information on this page is available for you to read through, along with links to other helpful articles, spiritual prayers and energy exercises. New info will be added overtime, so do keep coming back to continue to spiritually empower yourself.

Looking after your energies daily will help to keep your physical body healthy, vital, and strong, with a greater clarity of mind.

Clearing away limiting patterns and programs from your timeless soul, will enable you to empower your consciousness with more ‘Light and Truth’ of your own stunning divine light presence. Why? To help amplify the remarkable spiritual power of your human soul, which is exactly what you need to be able to create, survive and  thrive in your unique physical life existence.

Are you ready to plug back in to your own Source Light Power, which is always aligned to Infinite Love and Prime Creator Energy? 

Listen to the Aftercare Video Recording


The aftercare recording offers you powerful healing insight, knowledge and spiritual healing exercises, along with a karmic clearing prayer, to help you continue along your path of self-healing.

You can listen to the recording as often as you are intuitively drawn too, and use the spiritual exercises daily. You will soon come to notice beneficial changes emerge within your physical body and life experience.

The Importance of Spiritual Clearing

You are an infinite Soul Light

Through many timelines of existence you have accumulated many different limiting belief systems, karmic patterns, and unresolved emotional pain (trauma memories) that are carried over in your Soul’s DNA, and via your Ancestor’s genetic lineage (Physical Body DNA).

You also have to contend with the experiences and trauma memories from this timeline of existence that can originate from the womb to the present moment.

On top of all that, there are many different spiritual and energetic factors and forces that can interfere, cause or contribute to a variety of persisting health issues and life complaints.

This is why your spiritual healing treatments are so much more than me just focusing upon and working on a specific health issue or life complaint. Your energies run deep and are timeless. Spiritual Clearing work is truly important as it gets to the root of the issue and in doing so, you can heal.

Your vital energy and creative power is often stuck/tied within unresolved emotional pain, karmic patterns, and limiting beliefs. This translates as the resistance and issues you experience with your health and within your life.


Additional Healing Monthly Clearings

Further clearings will help to support the distance spiritual healing work that has already been done for you!

Only available for people who have already had a spiritual healing treatment from me. The monthly treatment is simply a form of clearing your energy to help keep you more vital, energized and clear, which is what rebalances you and is what empowers your immune system and your creativity. Just like you would take a shower to clean off the dirt and grime of the day, so it is important to clear your energies of an accumulation of your own stress, of other people’s stress, and of environmental stress. To book a distance healing top-up, simply choose the payment box below and I will email you to let you know when I will begin – typically within one week.



You can also Spiritually Clear Yourself 

My intention is to help empower you to spiritually clear yourself as other new issues present themselves.

There is much spiritual clearing work that you can do to help yourself. How do you do this? Answers are on the video recording for you, plus also found here on this entire page.

For those deeper issues, you may at times need some extra support and want to make another distance spiritual healing appointment in order to help you gain insight and understanding to move forward.

The main point being is to get you to a place of spiritual power where you are able to naturally clear yourself and move into a state of balance and harmony. Do not give your power away to anyone or anything. You have divine spiritual authority to be able to help yourself in all your ways!


Heart Energy Rebalancing Prayer & Energy Exercise

Overall Rebalancing Prayer


Understanding, can often Ignite Healing


Content Coming Soon

Create from Love not Fear 


Content coming soon!

Pineal Gland Clearing 


Content Coming Soon!

From Selfishness to Selflessness 


Content coming soon!

Are You Interested In Spiritual Healing Training?

The Spiritual Healing Level One Online Course

If you are interested in learning more about the awesome power of spiritual healing and how you can be a catalyst to help others to heal, then this enlightening healing course is perfect for you. The Spiritual Healing Level One Online Course has several Reiki Masters and other healers on it who are so passionate about healing that they want to understand the awesome power of creative healing prayer to compliment their own healing practice. No experience is necessary to begin and the student will learn powerful healing knowledge.

Everything is Energy and Energy can be Transformed!

Listen to me talking about the spiritual healing online course and what other students are saying about the online course.

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