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Select the following four boxes below to gain access to further self-healing support that will continue to help you to process and amplify your spiritual healing treatments. It is important for you to take charge of your own energies and consciousness in order to help yourself as best you can. Looking after your energies daily will help to keep you healthy, vital, strong and have a greater clarity of mind.


The rest of this page will offer you further beneficial knowledge and insight to help yourself in your return to balanced health.

Higher-Self Alignment Prayer

Cosmic Polarities Exercise

Chakra Clearing Prayer

Energy Balancing Techniques

The Importance of Self-Clearing for Healing

Beneficial Insight For You

The following knowledge and insight is what can truly help you to resolve and transform those persisting health issues and life complaints.


You are a Powerful Creator – Create from a place of Love not Fear

Be mindful of any non-beneficial thoughts, beliefs and words that you have and say. Transform them into beneficial thoughts, beliefs and words. (Doing this often, along with the spiritual clearing prayers and energy balancing exercises, will help to positively rewire your brain’s neural pathways.

Use your free will creative power in harmony with the ‘Cosmic Force of Infinite Love.’ Choose loving thoughts, choose loving words, choose loving actions. Raise your level of self love. Love others unconditionally. Infinite Love is a divine attribute of your authentic spiritual nature. Judge less and bless more. What you complain about will remain in your auric field and will drain your vital energies, and what you bless will bring you rest and less energetic stress and increase your vital energies.

Become aware of your secret thoughts. Are they the same as what you speak or are they in conflict with what you say. Conflict gets you nowhere fast. It is a energy drain.

Listen to your heart (live your truth) Trust in own creative power.


Be Single Minded (balancing both sides of the brain hemispheres)


Take Positive Action – You have to do more than ask and pray


The Spiritual Act of Forgiveness Brings Spiritual Freedom

Be willing to forgive by understanding that the spiritual act of forgiveness is beneficial for you in releasing your energy and karmic ties from the person you have conflict and discordant energy with. Forgiveness does not condone what a person has done. Forgiveness does not require you to continue to have a connection with the person. Forgiveness does not mean you won’t immediately feel neutral towards the person or situation, as this takes time and some days will be easier than others.

Forgiveness simply enables you greater spiritual freedom – it releases your energy grip from their soul. You will feel an increase in vital energy through the act of forgiveness. A person is always accountable for their non-beneficial actions, and whoever has hurt or harmed you will indeed need to rebalance their misguided energies at some point in their soul’s evolution.

In order to help you participate in the spiritual act of forgiveness, understand that there is always more than one reason for why a person behaved the way the did. This of course does not excuse their behavior, however it is never a straight forward answer as to why. When you try to understand the why’s from a human perspective it will not make any sense. Comparing their actions and behavior with that of others who are emotionally balanced is no use as everyone is at different levels of soul growth and understanding.

A person’s non-beneficial behaviors are often due to their unresolved emotional pain from their own trauma memories. Because they are not spiritually awakened enough to know how to clear, resolve and transform their pain, they express it in their actions, attitudes and behaviors. It basically comes down to spiritual immaturity.

Remember who you are – do the Higher-Self Alignment exercise

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