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To make a distance spiritual healing appointment with Joanne, and to secure your place on the healing waiting list, please read the following information:

Please Note: There is currently a two week wait for distance spiritual healing treatments from the time you book your appointment.


Fill out the HEALTH FORM, including as much specific information as you can about your health condition or life issue needing healing. Next, decide on a donation of your choice by choosing one of the payment boxes found on the ‘Health Form Page.’ You will then receive an email from Joanne within a day or two, confirming your distance spiritual healing appointment, and with further information about it.

Joanne will do two distance spiritual healing treatments for you a few days apart for only one donation. Please do realize that you are donating for Joanne’s time and expertise, and not for the actual healing results.

Whilst Joanne has a very high success rate of instant healings and improvements, she cannot personally guarantee anyone’s healing results. You can read more about people’s distance spiritual healing testimonials concerning a variety of issues here > TESTIMONIALS

The donation choice from one of the three payment boxes is yours alone depending on what you feel you can afford at this time. A donation for the healing is connected to the gratitude you have for the service that Joanne is personally providing you.

You wouldn’t expect to book a massage, a hair appointment, a dental appointment, a chiropractic appointment, a doctor’s appointment etc. and have the service for free, so please understand and value Joanne’s time, dedication and service.

A healing treatment with Joanne may save you many thousands of dollars in the long run.

Sending a person a simple healing prayer is not the same as doing a distance spiritual healing treatment!

Blessings and Light


Distance Spiritual Healing Results Depends upon Your Receptivity


Some people receive instant healings. This means that they respond favorably to the distance spiritual healing treatment typically anytime within a period of 24 to 48 hours after they have received the first spiritual healing treatment.

Some people only receive improvements. This means that they notice a positive difference and an improvement in how they feel – often reporting they have less pain, are happier, are more-clear minded, have more energy, and notice signs that any injuries, health issues or specific life problems are improving.

Some people take much longer to notice any positive results. This means that people with chronic conditions can often take much longer to notice any positive results and healing improvements. However, it can also mean that further deterioration of the health issue/complaint slows down or even stops.

Some people simply don’t respond to any healing changes. Please read more about all of this below:


Instant Healing Results 

(Typically resolved within 24-48 Hours)


Some healing treatments produce instant healing results – meaning that their health issue/concern is typically resolved within 24 to 48 hours after the first distance spiritual healing treatment is given. A person’s free will, soul and higher-self all need to be in harmony to affect an instant healing.

Chronic long-term conditions are not usually responsive to instant healings and are instead most likely to improve and heal over time. A person does not get themselves into the mess they are in with their health issues overnight. (See chronic conditions further along).

Instant healings usually result when a person is consciously ready and willing to let go of a condition or conditions (mind patterns and programs) that no longer serves them. This includes resolving and letting go of all non-beneficial beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and emotions that have either caused, contributed or influenced their health complaints and interfered with their body’s natural ability to correct, repair and heal itself.

A person who is ready to heal ultimately realizes that their health and well-being far outweighs any alternative choice of them holding onto any anger, judgment, grief or other painful emotions. Most of the time it takes only one distance spiritual healing treatment to affect an instant healing result. The results so far have been permanent.


Improved Results


Many people, while not receiving an instant healing, will begin to show signs of positive improvements in their health condition. This often includes a noticeable improvement in pain reduction and relief. They will also have a greater clarity of mind and a more positive outlook/expectation. The healing they receive will work in harmony with their free will and personal responsibility to breakthrough their issues.

Although healing results are slower, the person can eventually heal and for many people the results are permanent. Some people have an underlying fear or worry about becoming well again because of the life changes that wellness would actually bring them. Being co-dependent on others, or being financially dependent on any sickness benefits can at times keep a person temporarily stuck in their health issue.

The spiritual truth is that any lack of integrity, selfish desires, underlying fear, or stubborn refusal to change any destructive behaviors and patterns will all impinge on a person’s consciousness and cause resistance in their path of healing.


Chronic Conditions


For chronic health conditions, long term illnesses and complaints, distance healing can help to bring relief to a certain degree as many years of toxic energetic build-up has accumulated and needs to be undone. More than one distance healing treatment is necessary for the person, which typically serves as an important spiritual and energetic support system for the dysfunctional body part and/or conditions.

Many times, it can take months for a person to notice a beneficial improvement in their specific health disorder that has persisted for them. Blood results begin to improve and an overall rise in a person’s energy levels are noted. Distance spiritual healing treatments also help to support a person’s conscious mind and empower their personal responsibility to make any necessary positive life changes. For chronic health conditions a person must be willing to make beneficial changes in their overall consciousness.

These include changing any limiting beliefs/perceptions, resolving and letting go of deep emotional pain, being willing to live their truth, being willing to bring harmony back to where there is disharmony, and making the necessary common-sense life style changes that will best serve them. For it is true that without participating in your own self-healing process, you will not get the results you desire!

Chronic conditions are often deeply entrenched into a person’s psyche (soul), and etheric energy body (the blueprint pattern for the physical body), which can mean that damage is done deep at the core/grid of a person. While Joanne believes that anything can be healed – a person’s age, and the amount of damage already done over a long period of time, can certainly interfere with the full recovery of a dysfunctional body part, organ, or condition in need of healing.

Sometimes the healing of chronic or long-term conditions is more helpful in preventing the condition from worsening and deteriorating than in the actual total resolution of the specific issue.


Healing Success with Addictions


Joanne has had astonishing results in the healing of addictions, especially when the person sincerely desires to breakthrough their struggles.

The typical reason for a person experiencing a “fast successful healing” with addictions is that the addiction is not actually the person’s own!!!!! – In these specific cases, the addictions will be associated with an earthbound spirit attachment, or some other kind of entity or force that directly influences the conscious mind of the person to drink or take drugs etc. They have been able to attach to the person for numerous reasons and can influence their mind-set. When the entity is released to the Light, the person is able to think and act more clearly, balanced and responsibly.

This is not true for all addictions. Addictions can also be due to unresolved genetic memory/DNA influence, unresolved childhood trauma, and other psychological issues that influence them to drink, take drugs or develop some other addiction as a form of escapism.


Why Some People Don’t Heal (Not Receptive)


Whilst there are many different factors, forces and reasons for why a person doesn’t heal, and far too many to include here, the following list are the ones that Joanne finds to be the most prevalent:

  • Free will is not in harmony with the soul and Higher-Self to desire an instant healing.
  • Karma that needs to be resolved (Belief, Thought, Emotion & Action) – the Law of Cause & Effect.
  • Ancestor/generational energetic interference – (Genetic Memory & DNA).
  • Earthbound Spirit – (Entity Interference).
  • Geopathic Stress – (Home/Property Needs Clearing).
  • Past Life Interference – (Multidimensional/Simultaneous Soul Memories).
  • Inner Child Trauma – (Limiting Beliefs, Unresolved Emotions/Memories from the Womb to the Present Moment).
  • Soul Challenge Experience – (For a Greater Purpose & Not Understood on a Conscious Level).
  • Wanting instant success and help while not willing to do the necessary inner healing work required.


Joanne truly believes that anything can be healed or improved upon. She has helped many people to resolve these interfering issues with her distance spiritual healing treatments, intuitive guidance, and the awesome power of creative prayer. There is also an aftercare for spiritual healing page to help continue to support each person in taking back their power to help themselves heal.

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