Distance Healing for Pets

Rebalancing Vital Energy for Pets

Healing for Pets

Sick Pets

When a beloved pet becomes sick, or their behavior suddenly changes in distressing and disturbing ways, then their vital energy has dropped and their energy vibration becomes erratic. A distance healing treatment can help to rebalance their vital energies and place them back on their unique vibrational frequency. Every animal and species has a unique vibrational frequency according to its etheric energetic pattern and spiritual design. When they move out of their specific range of vibration, then sickness and other issues can develop.

Human Stress

Pets absorb human stress, which they usually shake off in an attempt to rebalance their state of being. They also easily rebalance their state of being in a natural way when they are immersed in nature. Overtime, if the stress levels are continuous, their pet bodies can become so overwhelmed with an accumulation of energetic stress to the point they are unable to rebalance themselves naturally in the ways they initially used too. This is when distance healing could help to clear them of stress energies and support them in their return to a healthier and vital state.


When a Pet was Previously Mistreated

All to often an owner can tell that a pet has been previously mistreated because of the way that the pet reacts around other people. The pet has retained the cellular memory of the trauma it previously experienced and so each time they come across a reminder of this original trauma, an energetic trigger goes off about their initial mistreatment and their behavior changes in unusual ways. They relive their initial fear over and over again until they learn to trust again. Some dogs, never get over their fear and this can result in sickness and other behavioral issues. However, as everything is energy, energy can also be transformed and so the painful trauma memory can be changed into something more beneficial to the pet.

Other Ways a Pet Can be Helped with Distance Healing

  • Relieve & reduce their pain
  • Speed up the healing of an injury
  • Clear infection & inflammation
  • Help to re-vitalize them and adjust their energies after surgery
  • Help them to become more confident and to eradicate distressing behaviors






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