Distance Spiritual Healing


Distance Healing Through Time & Space

No physical contact with another person is needed or required for distance spiritual healing to work. The connection is a spiritual and energetic one. This is achieved via the focused thought and heartfelt intent of the spiritual healer about and towards the person needing healing.

Distance Healing works and is possible because energy can move faster than the speed of light and it can also be transformed in an instant. Plus, spiritual intervention from the highest forces of divine love and light are not limited in any way by time and space. Therefore, distance spiritual healing can be sent from one location to another in an instant – just like numerous other signals and frequencies.


Signals & Frequencies

You already know that your cell/mobile phone emits invisible signals that send out energy frequencies through the airwaves of time and space to reach their intended location/target. Well, distance spiritual healing has the same kind of set-up. A person who has a well-meaning focused and heart centered intention to send distance healing to another person, is what initiates the spiritual connection to their consciousness. Their heart centered intention helps to direct and prompt the intervention of a higher power to be able to administer healing frequencies. This is the power of co-creation.

Radio Waves – Microwaves – Radar – Television – Wifi – Computers/Emails all emit invisible signals through time and space.

The only thing that the distance spiritual healer requires in order to send healing to another is the person’s name, plus a general understanding of the nature of their health issue/sickness. A person’s name is intimately connected with their body/mind/soul’s overall vibration, which helps the spiritual healer to align with the person needing healing. A distance spiritual healer can also use a photograph of the person to help connect directly to their consciousness.

Distance spiritual healing is just as effective, if not more so, than a traditional hands-on healing treatment. I have personally observed more instant healing results due to distance spiritual healing work than that of hands-on healing. One possible theory for this is that the distance spiritual healer is more easily able to detach emotionally from the person needing healing.


Percentage of Success in Distance Healing Treatments

80% of people with health issues/sickness report on some kind of improvement and pain reduction, with 20% showing no change at all in their results. (This could mean that healing is still working on a more subtle energetic level, which requires more physical time to manifest).

30% of the people within this 80% range report on instant healings and permanent results.

There are many reasons for the three different kinds of results – improvements/pain reduction – no change – instant healings!


Do Distance Spiritual Healings Help Heal All Health Problems?

Yes, distance spiritual healing can certainly help in the healing process of any kind of illness, disease, injury or pain.

However, not everyone is healed. The truth is that there are many different factors that interplay in the spiritual healing process. Many unresolved issues and reasons do delay and interfere with the healing process. A distance spiritual healing treatment works in harmony with the person’s free will, soul and higher-self. A person must willingly participate in their own healing process by making the necessary internal changes in consciousness that are at the root cause of their specific issue. This is done through a process inner healing work combined with positive action, which is ultimately: Spiritual understanding, self-love, unconditional love, non-judgment, and forgiveness.

Positive action requires the person to make any necessary common sense life choices that supports: Healthy balanced nutrition, daily movement/exercise, a good level of hydration, and living in a happy, safe environment.


Healing is A Complex Process

During a spiritual healing treatment I work with a person on many different levels and aspects of their being within their complex spiritual and energetic anatomy and their multidimensionality. A person’s soul is multidimensional and timeless. Any unresolved experiences of the human soul originating from any timeline of existence can still interfere, cause or contribute to persisting health issues and complaints within the present life timeline. These timelines include: This timeline, from the womb to the present moment. A past life timeline or simultaneous life timeline. And, the genetic memories/DNA of the soul’s ancestors timeline.

Some other factors that interplay with a person’s health issues are:

  • The non-beneficial effects of mass/collective consciousness upon a person’s consciousness.
  • The soul’s karmic timeline pattern throughout the multiverse.
  • Entity/spirit attachment interference. 
  • Plus so much more!

A person also has to have the will to live. Oftentimes, when someone is very sick they are totally overwhelmed with daily life and their will to survive weakens. This can even be an unconscious desire. They may have the conscious belief that they want to get better without realizing that a deeper part of them has had enough of the daily life struggle. This dual belief will create conflict within the person’s soul and consciousness. It is important to be single minded in the healing process. I often help to spiritually raise the person’s will to live so that a person becomes single (opened) minded. The healing process accelerates once this is accomplished.


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