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Please fill out the health questionnaire form and make your chosen donation below for a distance spiritual healing appointment. Each distance spiritual healing treatment takes Joanne time and creative effort to complete. Joanne will do two distance spiritual healing treatments for you a few days apart for only one donation.

The first distance spiritual healing treatment Joanne does for you is the most important. It will include a general spiritual clearing of your energies, along with addressing the specific issues you mentioned in the Health Form. The second distance spiritual healing treatment Joanne does for you is to simply recheck on your energies and to do a general overall rebalancing of your energies within your spiritual and energetic anatomy. This is important to support your immune system, nervous system and the spiritual healing work that has already been done in your first distance spiritual healing treatment.

Joanne will email you after each healing treatment to let you know any info she may have for you and to check on any feedback you have in the condition(s) requiring healing.

Thank you!

Health Questionnaire
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