Illness & Disease

Illness & Disease from an Energy Perspective

When we work with our own mix of energies to help transform them, then our energy systems, fields, and pathways become more coherent, vital and empowered.

Every aspect of our physical body has an energetic foundation and grid-like formation. Every organ and system of our body has its own vibrational frequency, pattern, and signal. When any aspect of us is out of sync with its own specified frequency and signal, then it will become compromised. If this is not brought back into balance as quickly as possible, then overtime illness and disease can eventually proceed. Spiritual healing prayers and energy medicine techniques can be used to help rebalance a sick body, as well as acting as a powerful form of preventive medicine.

Go Within & Explore Your Consciousness

If you are sick and have any kind of illness and disease, then it is time for you to go within and have some much needed self-reflection and contemplation. After all it is is your physical body and it is wise for you to be fully involved in your return to wholeness, vitality and health. Even with the medical help you may be receiving, it is still best for you to take responsiblty and to not give all of your power away to others who you naturally assume knows more than you do because they have qualifications.

Medical help typically focusses on the body only, on alleviating the symptoms mostly, and on revealing the physical reasons such as bacteria and viruses as the cause of many ills. However, this is only true to a certain percentage as there is also the mind, emotions and soul to consider in the participation, process and creation of illness and disease.

While this means that at times it may be necessary for us to seek medical guidance, assistance, or have life saving surgery and prescription drugs, it is even more necessary for us to explore all aspects of our consciousness and to examine any areas of our mind, attitude, behaviors, emotions and creative expression that is out of harmony with love, joy, peace, unity, abundance and creative fulfilment. It is through the important process of understanding our nature and then transforming any of the aspects of you that are inharmonious that you will come to understand the magnificent power of your own glorious soul to overcome and heal the most adverse health conditions, illness and disease.

Soul Challenge

Illness and disease can at times (not always) be associated with a specific soul challenge for the purpose of a higher reason and perspective. The Higher-Self is fully aware of the soul challenge, while the conscious rational mind lacks this higher perspective and typically judges the illness and disease as something that is happening to them, which is out of their control. A soul challenge is often initiated by the Higher-Self, or allowed to continue by the Higher-Self, as a way to create significant shifts in a person’s consciousness to help them:

  • Develop some kind of character, quality and strength (unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, fortitude)
  • Tap into their spiritual nature and expand their heart energy
  • Remember the creative power of their authentic self
  • Evolve their consciousness through the process of experience and understanding
  • To assist others in their spiritual evolution (soul contracts)

These few examples offer us the insight that our Higher-Self is in charge of our soul’s evolutionary process. When our conscious mind refuses to listen to higher guidance, and also refuses to move forward in their life experience as previously planned, then the Higher-Self can override the conscious mind’s stubborn attitude by instigating or allowing a soul challenge to continue in order to help the human soul move back onto the correct pathway that they had initially desired to complete within their unique life experience. Once the higher purpose has been achieved for the soul’s greatest good, then the human soul/body is likely to repair, recover and heal.


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