The Awesome Power of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a process of connecting with and directing the universal cosmic forces of Creation through the power of unconditional love and neutrality. These forces work in perfect harmony with the laws of Nature and the metaphysical laws of Mother Earth and Father Heaven. Pure cosmic forces that originate directly from Source/God, which are: Divine Light, Divine Love, Vital Life Force, and Divine Creative Intelligence.


The Basic Science of Spiritual Healing

Science has proved that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Spiritual healing works in harmony with science in that everything is energy and energy can be transformed. In this sense, everything in existence has an individual etheric energy pattern according to its own perfect original divine design (human, animal, plant, object etc.) and therefore, it also has its own unique vibrational frequency.

Spiritual healing simply neutralizes any non-beneficial energy that has caused dysfunction within the primary energy pattern of an organ, system, or body part that is in disarray. Dysfunction can interfere with and alter the overall specific vibrational frequency of the human body or animal etc. It is this out of sync vibrational frequency that interferes with our body’s natural ability to heal itself. Spiritual Healing makes the necessary energetic corrections within the etheric pattern that has the dysfunction, and then transforms this energy into something more beneficial and appropriate. In doing so, it also readjusts the body’s overall vibration to become more in harmony with its own correct personal frequency – which is what supports vital health, wellbeing and life.


Who Can do Spiritual Healing?

Anyone can do spiritual healing if they are heart centered and have an empathic desire to help alleviate the suffering of others. It takes no special skill other than a sincere heartfelt intention. God has given the gift of spiritual healing to all of Creation to use for the greatest good of mankind, the world and the universe. The qualities of compassion and concern for a complete stranger ensures that you have the ability to send (distance spiritual healing), or to give hands-on spiritual healing to another.

It is easy for us to have compassion for our loved ones and friends, but the ability to help heal and to achieve remarkable results via the process of spiritual healing, requires us to have compassion and non-judgement for our fellow human being.


Different Forms of Spiritual Healing

There are many wonderful paths of spiritual healing study and practice. After two decades (nearly three) of spiritual healing experience, study and research, – along with exploring many different modalities of energy healing work – I have personally found that the power of focused heartfelt prayer in my spiritual healing practice is what has produced the most powerful, fascinating and miraculous healing results.

I have created numerous spiritual healing prayers to help people overcome specific health issues, concerns, and life problems that have truly worked for myself and others when nothing else could. I reveal many of these powerful healing prayers within my books, online courses, healing workshops, and my weekly spiritual/energy healing development classes.


State Laws Concerning Spiritual Healing

Please check what your State Law is concerning Spiritual Healing. In some States of the USA, State Law prohibits hands-on healing. Whilst this in itself shows a lack of knowledge, understanding and wisdom about the benefits of spiritual healing. It is also possible that the State itself realizes just how powerful spiritual healing is, and how many people could truly benefit from receiving it. Spiritual healing can help people to reduce their medical costs significantly, which is certainly not in the best interests of (………………..). Use your imagination!


Always Consult a Licensed Medical Practitioner

It is illegal for anyone other than a licensed medical practitioner to diagnose any symptom of physical illness or disease. Spiritual healing does not address physical diagnosis in this way. Spiritual healing is concerned with addressing and correcting the originating cause of any energetic dysfunction found within the spiritual and energetic anatomy of the physical body. If a person is sick, they should consult their doctor. However, a spiritual healing treatment can and will work in harmony with what the doctor has diagnosed. Again, this means that any healing is focused on a spiritual and energetic level, in order to rebalance the energies of the physical body. Oftentimes spiritual healing will also help to alleviate the side-effects of the toxic medications the doctor has prescribed to help the patient heal.

Spiritual healing works on healing the actual cause of the symptoms rather than just alleviating the symptoms, which is more like painting over old wallpaper. The paint may temporarily make the wall look pleasant enough, but underneath the old wallpaper remains and will inevitably make an unwelcome reappearance over time.

The great news is that many licensed medical practitioners are now taking into account that we are more than just a physical body with blood running through our veins. They are beginning to acknowledge the importance of also including the soul in our return to physical health and wellbeing. Wholeness of being takes into account the integration and harmony of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies, which are all interconnected and impact each other. We really are multidimensional beings of love, light and life.


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