The Power of Spiritual Healing

Do you have a heartfelt desire and calling to learn about Spiritual Healing and the healing power of prayer? If so, then this divinely inspired accredited spiritual healing online course will be perfectly suited for you.

The truth is that when it comes to looking after our health and dealing with our health issues, we need to acknowledge and include all aspects of us in the healing process, and not just place our entire focus upon our physical body and symptoms. We are multidimensional beings of: Body – Mind – Soul.

In this sense we must also recognize that there are many different factors and forces that can interfere, cause or contribute to illness, disease and pain in our physical body. When we begin to address our ‘Whole Nature,’ then we can truly help ourselves to achieve a vital and rebalanced state of health and well-being.


About the Spiritual Healing L1 Online Course 


Spiritual Healing Level One provides an important foundation into the basic requirements of spiritual healing work and the astonishing power of prayer.

The following list offers a sample of topics that the student will study in (SHL1).

  • How to Pray for Physical Healing: (Understanding the many different factors that interfere, cause or contribute to illness, disease and pain)
  • The Importance of Healer Heal Thyself: (Powerful self-healing knowledge to help you reawaken your consciousness to greater creative healing power)
  • This Timeline Trauma Memory Healing: (From the womb to the present moment)
  • Spiritual Release/Clearing Prayers: (Compassionate methods for releasing spirit attachments and dealing with energetic anomalies)
  • Genetic Memory/DNA Timeline Healing: (Trauma memories & DNA that carry limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions)
  • Past Life Healing: (Timelines of the multidimensional soul)
  • Distance Healing: (How to spiritually help others, situations and the world with healing power)
  • Developing Intuition & Discernment: (Aligning with your Higher-Self)
  • Hands-on Healing: (Hand placements for self-healing and for healing others)
  • Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques: (A selection of energetic rebalancing techniques)
  • Connecting with the Divine Light Team: (Aligning your consciousness with a protective and powerful spiritual support system)


The SHL1 Course fee is: $125

You can find out more and begin the spiritual healing online course right now by clicking on the button below:

Levels 1, 2 & 3 are all Accredited by the ASSMPI

The ASSMPI, is a professional spiritual non-profit organization that offers accreditation for all of Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Online Course Levels (1,2,& 3). Level One, has the Bronze spiritual healing accreditation. Level Two, has the Silver spiritual healing accreditation. And Level Three has the Gold spiritual healing accreditation. Joanne Brocas issues certificates to all students who have successfully completed each level.


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