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Read the following successful distance spiritual healing results and testimonials here!

Many of these testimonials reveal instantaneous healing results, with only ONE distance spiritual healing treatment given. Several distance spiritual healing treatments are needed and were given for more stubborn and chronic cases.



Several of these people received doctor’s examinations after their distance spiritual healing treatment and were given confirmation from their doctor that their specific condition/illness had totally cleared/healed. Scheduled knee replacement surgery was cancelled for one person due to a total healing of the knee in only one distance spiritual healing treatment given.

A bone infection cleared and an open leg wound began to close within one week of three distance spiritual healing treatments being sent. This was after medical science, strong antibiotics, and other energy healing modalities had initially failed to help the young lady over a one year period of experiencing chronic pain and being bedridden. Pictures were taken of the open leg wound that show dramatic results within the week of the distance spiritual healings, offering excellent scientific evidence of the astonishing results.

Addiction breakthroughs have also been very successful and often result in immediate positive changes taking place within a person’s state of mind and disposition. For others, chronic pain has been completely resolved or dramatically lessened. Nothing short of miraculous results for all those who were sick and suffering and needed spiritual assistance.

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A Variety of Testimonials 


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