Spiritual Healing Workshop with Joanne


Join Joanne Brocas for an exciting one day spiritual energy medicine workshop where you will discover insight into spiritual healing and distance healing for yourself and others, and be given practical exercises and energetic techniques to help you heal.

Joanne is passionate about teaching others how to utilize their own amazing creative power by helping them to connect with the multidimensional aspects and spiritual power of their own glorious soul. She teaches you how to understand the creative process and power of the mind in the creation of your total life experience.

Heal Persisting Issues


You will come to realize just how powerful you are in creating your own health and happiness on this exciting one day workshop. Joanne will guide you in how you can begin to do the inner healing work necessary in order for you to overcome any stubborn health complaints and life issues that continuously persist.

Joanne Brocas has nearly three decades of healing experience and she is happy to impart this insight to you in an easy and basic format that you will be able to continuously use and further expand on should you desire to continue along the spiritual healing path. Joanne offers Certificated and Accredited Spiritual Healing Online Courses should the workshop participant enjoy the experience and wish to develop their knowledge and skills further.

Sample Synopsis of Workshop


A basic understanding of the many different factors, forces and reasons that interfere with the healing process.

How you can begin to re-create health, happiness and prosperity.

The distance spiritual healing process and the use of specific healing prayers.

Several energy medicine exercises and techniques to help support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The Miraculous Power of Prayer

Spiritual Support (spiritual working with your Divine Healing Team)


Hosting Your Own Spiritual Healing Workshop


If you would like to host your own spiritual healing workshop with Joanne Brocas, all you need to do is to provide a minimum of ten paying students, plus the actual venue where it will be held. You will then receive your place on the workshop for free. You can email Joanne for more information.


Up-Coming Spiritual Healing Workshops


The next Spiritual Healing Workshop will be hosted in October 2017 in Asheville, North Carolina. Contact Joanne by email for more information and to book your place. The workshop fee is $125 per person.

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