Joanne Brocas, Return to Joy

I’m a Healer, Intuitive Coach, and the #1 Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers.

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Intuitive Healer and Healing Coach. Let Me Help You to Return to Joy

As a Healer and Intuitive Coach, I assist you to restore your vital energetic balance and empower your soul’s creative expression to help you attract and create a more joyful, healthy, abundant and extraordinary life experience.

Free: A Powerful Violet Light Healing Exercise to help you to Clear and Rebalance Your Energy!

My #1 Bestselling Book – Angel Prayers. Endorsed by NYT Bestselling Author, Christiane Northrup, MD.

Free: An Amazing Video Prayer to help you Call Back Your Vital Energy!

Healing Testimonials

Align With The Divine Light

Through my online classes and courses, I help you to stay spiritually aligned with the Divine Light to help you live a Miracle Inspired Life.

You have God’s Light within you that is infused with supernatural creative power. Manifesting Miracles can be made by you and through you in small and large expressions.

A Miracle is simply your ability to Co-Create with the Light.

You are a Miracle! 

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