Spiritual Healing Treatment

By Phone: 35 Minutes


Exclusive Spiritual Healing Treatments are now available with Joanne Brocas by phone correspondence.

Joanne will talk with you during the 35 minute call about your specific health issue/condition from a spiritual and energetic perspective, as well as directly working within your spiritual and energetic anatomy to make the necessary energetic shifts and adjustments required to help you heal.

Joanne is able to do this healing work through her clear alignment with Source Energy, and via very specific prayer instructions that direct the person’s Higher-Self to make a variety of energetic shifts and adjustments.


So Many Successful Healing’s & Beneficial Improvements 


You can read about all the people who have already been helped via the astonishing power of spiritual healing treatments by visiting the testimonial page. Many have received instant healing’s with only one healing treatment given. Others, have cancelled their scheduled surgeries due to their conditions being healed in the nick of time.


How often do you need to have a Spiritual Healing Treatment?


This depends on what you want help with? Some conditions will heal faster than others. Some will only receive beneficial improvements. However, everything that is worked on will energetically shift and clear at some level for you. There are often many underlying issues, factors and forces that interfere, cause and contribute to a person’s health issues.

Many of Joanne’s clients will have follow-up treatments every month or so in order to keep their spiritual and energetic anatomy vital and strong. You can think of the follow-up treatments as a form of energy bath for the body/mind/soul, to help clear up an accumulation of non-beneficial energies that have built up in the person’s energy systems. Other underlying issues may also be ready to be released.


Healing Phone Treatment Fees


A 35 minute healing treatment via phone is: $175

All 35 minute follow-up healing treatments are $125

Phone appointments are only available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. To book a phone appointment with Joanne, use the button below.


Medical Disclaimer 

At no time does a spiritual healing treatment replace the need for medical care and you should always consult your doctor for any medical condition you need help with. A spiritual healing treatment works in perfect harmony with any medical care you may be receiving.