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Joanne Brocas

With over three decades of healing and energy clearing experience, study and research, Joanne Brocas is passionate about teaching others all about the life changing power of energy clearing and creative healing through prayer power.   

Finalist & Winner

Joanne Brocas made finalist for Best Female Psychic Medium in the UK’s Spiritual Connections Awards. Joanne also won 1st place at the same award show for Best Author/Best Book. Joanne has developed a strong level of spiritual discernment over the last three decades in her understanding of the afterlife, angels, guides and spirits.

Vogue - Jessica Adams quote about Joanne's Psychic Ability...

“Joanne Brocas is not only one of the most accurate psychic readers I’ve ever come across, she also gives friendly warm down to earth advice about managing the sixth sense.” 

"Every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings."

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Joanne Brocas

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