Joanne Brocas

Healer, Intuitive, #1 Bestselling Author

Meet Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas is the #1 bestselling author of Angel Prayers, and has written seven books so far. She has featured on TV and radio in the UK and Florida, USA, as an Angel Expert, and her powerful healing prayers have featured in world renowned Harry Edwards, The Healer Magazine.  

Joanne has been called “an expert intuitive that’s taken spiritual healing to the next level through prayer power,” and her testimonials of people’s amazing healing results speak for themselves.

Joanne was the nominated finalist for Best Female Medium in the Spiritual Connections Awards in South Wales, UK.

Cosmopolitan and Vogue Magazine’s Jessica Adams, quotes Joanne as being one of the best psychic readers she’s ever found who also gives friendly warm down to earth advice about managing the sixth sense. This was after Joanne did a distance psychic reading as a test.

MBM book reviewers suggested Joanne’s bestselling  book, Angel Medicine, be included in every library, Nationally, as a form of metaphysical study for students.

Joanne appears regularly as a healing expert in New Dawn Magazine, New Zealand.  

Angel Blessing Cards and More

Joanne is the creator of the celestial inspired Angel Blessing Cards, and her miracle minded Manifesting Prayer Power System. Both heart centered creations help to bring spiritual guidance and prayer power to those who are ready to co-create with the Light to bless their health, wellbeing and life experience. 

Joanne has also created a fab selection of online spiritual courses and classes to help people clear their fear and return to a high-vibe frequency for vital health, prosperity and joy. Joanne’s bestselling signature Angel Healing online course has brought the divine light of the angels directly into people’s lives to help support them spiritually in all their ways!



Christiane Northrup MD, and NYT bestselling author says that “Everyone should keep a copy of Angel Prayers at their bedside. I highly recommend this book for everyone who is interested in living a more joyful, healthy and fulfilling life.”   

Larry Dossey, MD and NYT bestselling author says that “Joanne Brocas will help anyone to understand and invoke angelic intercession and draw closer to the Transcendent.”

Norm, C, Shealy, MD and NYT bestselling author says that “I have studied spiritual healing for 45 years and have recorded over 100 miraculous proven cures. We all have angelic companions to assist us. I particularly like the exercises in Joanne’s book and I encourage you to practice them.”


My Love of Prayer

Ever since I was a little girl the power of prayer has been an important part of my daily life.

Over the years, my understanding of prayer has deepened and I’ve combined this understanding with my intuitive abilities and healing knowledge for an all round amazing combination of prayer power.

I’ve created prayers for many different health issues and life concerns to help clear and resolve soul trauma, soul conflict and life stressors. This enables a person to restore harmony, joy and vital balance back to their entire system in order for the body to heal itself and for resolution of those persisting life issues.

My creative healing prayers have gained worldwide popularity with other healing modalities, Doctors, NYT bestselling authors, and for all those who’ve been helped with the prayers I’ve created for my angel books, online courses and my YouTube channel.  

The purpose of my creative healing prayers is to help CLEAR and resolve energetic stress and its underlying resistance to health, wellbeing, joy and unlimited creative potential. To clear the fear and to return to joy!

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