Joanne Brocas


Ever since I was a little girl the power of prayer has been an important part of my daily life.

Over the years, my understanding of prayer has deepened and I’ve combined this understanding with my intuitive abilities and healing knowledge for an all round amazing combination of prayer power.

I’ve created prayers for many different health issues and life concerns to help clear and resolve soul trauma, soul conflict and life stressors. This enables a person to restore harmony, joy and vital balance back to their entire system in order for the body to heal itself and for resolution of those persisting life issues.

My creative healing prayers have gained worldwide popularity with other healing modalities, Doctors, NYT bestselling authors and for all those who’ve been helped with the prayers I’ve created for social media. 

The purpose of my creative healing prayers is to help CLEAR and resolve energetic stress and its underlying resistance to health, wellbeing and unlimited creative potential.


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