Spiritual Healing Videos & Prayer

Heal Me Now Affirmative Prayer
“Thank you, God, for your Divine intervention in my desire to heal as soon as possible, in the highest and best way.”
This prayer will help to release angelic intervention, but you must also add to its power with your expectation that you will heal, as well as actively making the effort to think more powerfully and with less focus on what is wrong in your health and life, etc. This is your part in the co-creation of what you want and you can truly help yourself.
"I Am Worthy"
Affirm that you are worthy of a complete and permanent healing. Feeling unworthy is a reflection of lack of self-love and acceptance. This is not God's view of you. You are worthy of being healed (returning to wholeness). Align your heart and mind with God, who loves you completely and perfectly and desires to heal you.
"I Gratefully Accept My Healing"
An attitude of gratitude is going to help you in all your ways, and especially so with the blessings of your health and vitality. Thanking God, and the Angels for helping you and having gratitude for your health and your life is your return ticket to wholeness, joy and a whole lot of blessings.
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