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angel healing online course

Working with the Seven Divine Light Healing Frequencies of the Archangels

A spiritual based energy healing system to help transform consciousness and improve vital energy levels that support our health, our wellbeing and our life experience.

Eight Healing Lessons with Joanne Brocas

Divine Light Frequencies
Our Spiritual and Energetic Anatomy
Insight into Chronic Stress
Transform Limiting Beliefs
Timeline Healing
Color Intuition
Give an Intuitive Reading

"Angels, Angels, everywhere!
Protecting, guiding, showing us they care."

Joanne Brocas

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Angel healing online course

Eight Healing Lessons with Joanne Brocas for $197

Vogue - Jessica Adams quote about Joanne's Psychic Ability...

“Joanne Brocas is not only one of the most accurate psychic readers I’ve ever come across, she also gives friendly warm down to earth advice about managing the sixth sense.” 

Archangel Raphael

Christiane Northrup, MD
about Angel Prayers...

Angel Prayers is an elegant, practical, easy to use volume that you’ll want to keep right on your bedside table to remind you that God’s healing angels are always and forever available to you to assist with every need. I highly recommend this book for everyone who is interested in living a more joyful, healthy, and fulfilling life.”

Angel healing course testimonials

Testimonial/New York

“Joanne Brocas is an incredible inspiration to me and is a brilliant healer and healing tutor. I highly recommend the Angel Healing Online Course.”

Tatiana Lioce, Spiritual Healer, New York

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“The Angel Healing Online Course is a Life Saver (especially lesson two), and it came at a perfect timing for me. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this online course. I’m already feeling the benefit.

Vijay Gurusamy, Program Manager, California


“For anyone who is serious about their own personal development, this is an excellent investment and opportunity to work closely with an amazing healer and tutor.”

Elaine Wood, Life Coach, Scotland, UK

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“I learned how to help people in ways that I did not know was even possible. I definitely recommend Joanne’s Angel Healing Online Course.”

Laura Romeiro, Spiritual Healer, Florida

Joanne's Angel healing books

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