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To book a distance spiritual healing appointment with Joanne, please read the following information. 


A Personal Appointment with Joanne


A personal appointment with Joanne, means that Joanne will use her healing expertise, knowledge and intuitive understanding to fully address your specific health issue(s).

Joanne will do ONE distance Spiritual Healing/Clearing treatment for you concerning your specific health issue(s).

Please read the entire page to find out more about how this can best help you.

Personal Healing/Clearing 

What Joanne will do for you in your personal distance spiritual healing/clearing appointment.


Clear you of the adverse energetic effects of:

  • Other people’s non-beneficial energies.
  • Non-beneficial energies contained within the atmosphere of your home and work environment.
  • Non-beneficial energies that are self-generated/created.
  • Non-beneficial energies that originate from the collective consciousness.


Joanne will use her intuitive discernment to check your energy systems for:

  • Any attachments (earthbound spirits), and then clear and release them when necessary.
  • Spiritual interference of any kind.
  • Ancestor trauma energies/karma relating to your health issues.
  • Past life trauma energies/karma relating to your health issues.
  • This life trauma energies (womb to the present moment) relating to your health issues.

Spiritual healing prayers are then directed to clear, release and heal any of this, which may be interfering, causing or contributing to your specific health issue(s).

A very specific spiritual healing prayer treatment is then given for your specific health issues(s) and concerns.


A spiritual clearing is of paramount importance in helping to clear an accumulation of non-beneficial energies that can originate from other people, from your own personal environment, (home, work, community), from technology, from geopathic stress, from mass consciousness, and from your own self-created and self-generated mindset – see brackets below.

(Fear energy, limiting thoughts, false beliefs, trauma energies that cause emotional imbalances, a negative attitude, and non-beneficial judgments of yourself, others, situations and experiences).

Important information for you to know 


As this is a distance Spiritual Healing appointment, there is no need for Joanne to speak to you over the phone. Communication is done via email.

Joanne will email you to let you know what day she can do your appointment and will then email you again once it is done.

There is no need for you to do anything to prepare for your Spiritual Healing appointment on that particular day other than keeping yourself hydrated. The Spiritual Healing will be received via your Higher-self and processed through your mind, body and soul at the most optimum time.


Instant healing happens when a person has very little resistance in their consciousness to the Spiritual Healing work being done. Instant healings typically produce beneficial results within hours/days after their Spiritual Healing treatment.

When a person has lots of resistance in their consciousness due to many different factors, causes and reasons, especially if they have a long list of long-term chronic health issues, then they may only experience signs of minor improvements with just ONE distance Spiritual Healing treatment. 


In this case, they will need to continue to examine and work on specific areas of their consciousness that needs resolving, clearing and transforming. Understanding aspects of their own consciousness will often ignite a person’s ability to heal.

The Free Spiritual Healing Help page can help to support you to do this inner healing work on yourself and will help you to develop a greater understanding of your resistance in order to help yourself clear, rebalance and heal.

For people who experience only minor improvements after a distance Spiritual Healing treatment, then they would greatly benefit from having regular monthly or more frequent Spiritual Clearings. Eventually and overtime, they will begin to respond positively to this Spiritual assistance. Think of this in terms of several months or more. This is a common-sense approach when you compare just how long you have been suffering with an array of persisting health issues and life complaints.

Beneficial improvements of you having a Spiritual Healing/Clearing treatment can include: Increased energy levels, greater joy, greater clarity of mind, less aches and pain, and any persisting health issues you have can begin to clear and heal. You may also notice that certain areas of your life that were once blocked or firmly closed off, will now begin clear and open for you. Your consciousness is transforming, which means that the old things that no longer serve you will begin to fall away, and new opportunities and experiences will present themselves. It really is all about the quality of your consciousness!

If you feel or observe no beneficial change(s) at all, this simply suggests that you still have lots of resistance to work through. There is nothing wrong with this or with you. You are not being punished in anyway and you are not being excluded from Healing. There are just layers of resistance to clear first. This is definitely worth the effort to do so and it does require a little patience and effort on your part. Healing shifts will still be processing for you at a more subtle and energetic level, of which your conscious mind doesn’t register. You will always receive a Healing at some level of your Being (mind, body, Spirit, soul, aura and consciousness).


No Spiritual Healing treatment therefore is ever wasted or fails to work.

Healing Appointment 

Click on the payment box to the left to book a distance Spiritual Healing appointment with Joanne.

Once Joanne has received notification from PayPal, plus also received your completed healing request form (see below), she will contact you by email to let you know when she can begin.

Typically, this is within one week of the payment being received. Please do allow one to two days for Joanne to get back to you after you have purchased the appointment. Thank you.

Launching Soon!

Launching Soon!


Healing Request Form


Please complete and submit the form detailing your specific health issue and concern. 


Book A Distance Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Disclaimer 


The distance spiritual healing treatments that Joanne Brocas provides, are not intended to substitute medical advice. Joanne is not a medical doctor, she does not diagnose or prescribe any medication. It must be understood that Joanne’s healing work is considered spiritual and divine in nature and all healing comes from the Divine Cosmic Forces. No guarantee can be made on any healing, and your responsibility to heal yourself is just as important.

Any financial remuneration is given on the understanding that you are paying for the time, skill, and dedication it takes to carry out the aforementioned, with the understanding that results will always vary, and at times may not manifest. Joanne’s spiritual healing work is considered complementary to medical care and should not be taken as medical advice in any way.

You enter into this appointment of your own free will with the understanding that you may not achieve the results you hope for as many reasons may exist for a spiritual healing not working or being considered successful.

Again, it must be noted that healing in any manner is totally free and any remuneration is only considered as payment in kind for time and effort spent in carrying out the spiritual healing practice to which you have agreed to using your own free will.

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