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To book a distance spiritual healing appointment with Joanne, please read the following information. 


A Personal Appointment with Joanne


A personal appointment with Joanne, means that Joanne will use her healing expertise, knowledge and intuitive understanding to fully address your specific health issue.

Joanne will do ONE distance healing treatment for you concerning your specific health issue, along with a spiritual clearing of your energies. Read below to find out more about how this can best help you.

Personal Healing/Clearing 

What Joanne will do for you in your personal distance spiritual healing/clearing appointment.


Joanne will begin by spiritually and energetically connecting with the Highest Forces of Benevolence, along with your soul’s unique vibrational frequency, in order to begin your specifically tailored spiritual healing treatment.

Joanne will use her discernment to check your energy systems for any attachments and then clear and release them when necessary.

A spiritual healing treatment is then given for your specific health issue where any necessary energetic corrections are made within your energy fields, etheric energy body and energy systems. Any disease frequencies are cleared and transformed and your soul force is restored. Any pain and inflammation energies are addressed and transformed.

Spiritual healing prayers are then directed to clear and heal any trauma memories or non-beneficial soul agreements that may be interfering, causing or contributing to your specific health concern. Joanne will clear these from your ancestor timeline, your soul’s past life timelines, and from your present life timeline, (the womb to the present moment).

A spiritual clearing is also given in order to clear an accumulation of non-benefical energies that can originate from other people, from your own environment, (home, work, community), from technology, from geopathic stress, and from your own self-created and self generated mindset.

All of this spiritual healing and clearing work can help to restore your soul power, increase your vital energy, empower your immune system and bring balance, harmony and joy back to your body, mind and soul.


What Happens After Your Healing Treatment

Joanne has no control over your healing results as this is between your Soul, your Higher-Self and God.


Beneficial changes and improvements in your health, wellbeing and outlook can begin immediately. Sometimes even instant healings will happen in miraculous ways.

Many of my clients experience significant beneficial changes with their specific health issue during the hours, days or weeks after their healing appointment.

Chronic health conditions may take longer to heal, months even. They will often require extra spiritual clearing appointments to support the subtle healing changes that are taking place within the body, mind and consciousness of the person. Some clients do receive a complete and permanent healing, while others receive beneficial improvements. A spiritual healing treatment can help to prevent further damage and deterioration to an already damaged body part, organ or system.


Receptivity to the Healing Forces 

Healing results always depend upon a person’s receptivity to the Healing Forces. Your receptivity is influenced by your level of faith, by your openness to receive, by your attitude of gratitude, by any soul challenges you may be experiencing for a higher purpose, and by any spiritual interference you may have that can temporarily block the healing. Your mindset (beliefs, attitude, thoughts and emotions), along with any non-benefical behaviors, all interfere with your soul’s receptivity. Part of the spiritual clearing work is to help you become more receptive to the Healing Forces.


Common Sense Factors to Support Your Healing 

Lack of movement in your body (stretching, walking, exercising), poor nutrition, a dehydrated body, poor breathing habits including lack of fresh air, not enough quality sleep, rest and relaxation, all impede in your healing results. Other factors include blocking the soul’s natural creative expression by ignoring the soul’s heart based desires. This can lead to blocked feelings of joy which can then lead to depression.

To help support your healing work, these issues all need to be approached with a healthy dose of common sense.



Healing Appointment 

Click on the Payment Box to the left to book a distance spiritual healing appointment with Joanne.

Once Joanne has received notification from PayPal, plus also received your completed healing request form, she will contact you by email to let you know when she can begin. Typically this is within one week of the payment being received. Please do allow one to two days for Joanne to get back to you after you have purchased the appointment.


Healing Request Form


Please complete and submit the form detailing your specific health issue and concern. 


Book A Distance Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Disclaimer 


The distance spiritual healing treatments that Joanne Brocas provides, are not intended to substitute medical advice. Joanne is not a medical doctor, she does not diagnose or prescribe any medication. It must be understood that Joanne’s healing work is considered spiritual and divine in nature and all healing comes from the Divine Cosmic Forces. No guarantee can be made on any healing, and your responsibility to heal yourself is just as important.

Any financial remuneration is given on the understanding that you are paying for the time, skill, and dedication it takes to carry out the aforementioned, with the understanding that results will always vary, and at times may not manifest. Joanne’s spiritual healing work is considered complementary to medical care and should not be taken as medical advice in any way.

You enter into this appointment of your own free will with the understanding that you may not achieve the results you hope for as many reasons may exist for a spiritual healing not working or being considered successful.

Again, it must be noted that healing in any manner is totally free and any remuneration is only considered as payment in kind for time and effort spent in carrying out the spiritual healing practice to which you have agreed to using your own free will.

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