Distance Healing Appointment


To book a distance spiritual healing appointment with Joanne, you will need to purchase a Spiritual Clearing and Joanne will do the distance healing part for free. There are two important reasons for this:


  • It takes Joanne time to creatively focus on each person’s problems/issues by going through a detailed check-list of energies that then need to be cleared, rebalanced and healed.


  • It stops others from wasting Joanne’s time for healing requests that they often have no gratitude for, no desire to take responsibility to help themselves heal, and no concern for the time and effort that Joanne spends on them when she could be spending her valuable time on helping others who are ready and willing to heal.


Joanne will apply her healing expertise, knowledge and intuitive understanding to fully address your specific health issue(s) from a spiritual and energetic perspective, and to make the necessary energetic corrections, adjustments and clearings required.



Purchase a Spiritual Clearing Appointment

for a FREE healing 


Click on the payment box below to book a FREE distance Spiritual Healing appointment with Joanne. Please also complete the healing request form (see below).

Once Joanne has received notification from PayPal, plus also received your completed healing request form, she will contact you by email to let you know when she can begin. Typically, this is within one week of the payment being received. Please do allow one to two days for Joanne to get back to you after you have purchased the appointment. Thank you.



Healing Request Form


Please complete and submit the form detailing your specific health issue and concern. 


Distance Spiritual Healing Form

Important information for you to know 


As this is a Distance Spiritual Healing appointment, all communication is done via email. Joanne will email you once she has received notification from PayPal with more info about your forthcoming healing appointment.

There is no need for you to do anything to prepare for your Spiritual Healing appointment on that particular day other than keeping yourself hydrated. The Spiritual Healing will be received via your Higher-self and processed through your spiritual and energetic anatomy at the most optimum time.

Some people have experienced instantaneous healings happening within a period of 24 to 48 hours after their spiritual healing treatment. However, most people receive improvements to differing degrees overtime (weeks/months). Others experience no change at all in their condition, their mental outlook, and their energy levels.

Regular monthly or more frequent Spiritual Clearings are recommended for those people who suffer from persisting health issues and chronic conditions. Layers upon layers of emotional imbalances and energetic patterns will need to be cleared and rebalanced. Each monthly Clearing treatment helps to move the body/mind/soul towards greater physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium.

You can read a variety of healing testimonials by visiting here: TESTIMONIALS


Beneficial improvements often include:


  • More vital energy
  • Deeper quality of sleep
  • A return of inner peace
  • Greater clarity of mind
  • Elimination of pain or less aches and pain
  • Improvements of any persisting health issues, such as an easement of the symptoms with some issues fully resolving.
  • More joy, feeling uplifted and a positive disposition


For a complete and permanent healing to occur, all causes and factors must first be overcome. Patience and persistence is the key as you continue to make beneficial lifestyle changes, changes in perception, and letting go of any issues that continue to drain your vital energy.

Spiritual Healing Disclaimer 


The distance spiritual healing treatments that Joanne Brocas provides, are not intended to substitute medical advice. Joanne is not a medical doctor, she does not diagnose or prescribe any medication. It must be understood that Joanne’s healing work is considered spiritual and divine in nature and all healing comes from the Divine Cosmic Forces. No guarantee can be made on any healing, and your responsibility to heal yourself is just as important.

Any financial remuneration is given on the understanding that you are paying for the time, skill, and dedication it takes to carry out the aforementioned, with the understanding that results will always vary, and at times may not manifest. Joanne’s spiritual healing work is considered complementary to medical care and should not be taken as medical advice in any way.

You enter into this appointment of your own free will with the understanding that you may not achieve the results you hope for as many reasons may exist for a spiritual healing not working or being considered successful.

Again, it must be noted that healing in any manner is totally free and any remuneration is only considered as payment in kind for time and effort spent in carrying out the spiritual healing practice to which you have agreed to using your own free will.