A Spiritual Clearing appointment or package also address any healing needs and health issues you may have. You can either choose to book 'one appointment' or choose to book a Clearing Package of 'three appointments,' which enables you to have one appointment a week for a period of three weeks. (A Clearing Package offers you a discount upon booking). Spiritual Clearing Treatments include energy testing - I energy test a person's energies to discern a variety of underlying issues that maybe interfering with the quality of their vital health, energy levels, and life experience. Any health issues a person has is always addressed from a spiritual, energetic and intuitive perspective. I don't diagnose a person's health issues, only their underlying energetic imbalances. Each person is helped to the best of my ability and the testimonials speak for themselves.


Spiritual Clearing appointments and packages can help to restore greater harmony and balance to your overall health, wellbeing, relationships, career, finances, creativity, home, and life in endless ways! Read below for info on a SPIRITUAL CLEARING.

All Clearing appointments and packages receive either an email or audio REPORT of what was done, including energy testing results of the person’s imbalances/condition. Insight, affirmations or prayers are also given and suggested to help you to help yourself as you continue to process the Clearing/Healing work already done for you.

  • Specific Health Issues: Clearing on a spiritual and energetic level whatever may be interfering, causing or contributing to them.
  • Other People’s Energies: Their fears & worries, their illness & symptoms, their anger & emotions & their negative mental visions/projections.
  • Your Own Mindset: Your fears, worries, judgements, negative thinking & negative mental visions/projections.
  • Your Home/Work/School Environments – including the energies from your family, boss, workmates, school friends & teachers.
  • Technology & the Media
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Subliminal Messages
  • Astrological Influences
  • Spiritual Interference
  • Psychic Interference
  • Trauma Energies/Memories: From the womb to the present moment
  • Ancestor Trauma Energies
  • Past Lives Trauma Energies
  • Karma: Non-beneficial karmic/soul agreements/promises
  • And much more!

An accumulation of these kinds of non-beneficial energies around and absorbed within your entire system interferes with your overall energetic balance, your vital health and wellbeing, your mental health, and your Soul’s Creative Power to be able to attract and create the life experience you truly desire.

Regular Spiritual Clearings help to prevent an excess accumulation of any new stress energies in your system (as well as clearing years of old stuff layer by layer) so that you help to ward of illness/disease and ease any persisting aches/pains. Plus, you help to empower and amplify your Creativity to experience greater joy, the fulfillment of your hearts desires, and increased abundance.

Our Soul’s goal is to become more in harmony with our perfect original divine design. To be a Clear channel for God’s Light to shine and express through.


Step 01

Read everything on this page and decide if you want a Spiritual Clearing appointment or a package?

One Spiritual Clearing: $75

Spiritual Clearing Package (3): $200

Step 02

Click on the appropriate button which directs you straight to the request form.

Step 03

Fill out the appropriate Clearing information on the form and submit it to pay and secure your appointment.

Once Joanne has received confirmation of your payment, she will email you to let you know when she will begin. Please do allow ONE to TWO days for her to respond. There is typically a ONE to TWO WEEK wait from the time you make your payment, which is what secures your appointment.

A Spiritual Clearing Package offers you 3 Clearing appointments. Paying for a Clearing Package will save you $25 overall. A Spiritual Clearing package is basically 3 separate appointments given once a week over 3 weeks. Each appointment addresses energetic disharmony as stated in the list at the top of the page, to restore vital energetic balance back to a person’s system to help with optimum flow and function.


Joanne Brocas is an expert Healer and uses her intuitive understanding and energy testing techniques to help discern exactly what needs to be Cleared, rebalanced and resolved to help a person return to vital health and to help elevate their vibrational frequency so they can attract and create more fulfilling life experiences. 

No. As this is a distance Spiritual Clearing appointment, there is no need for Joanne to speak to you over the phone or via Skype. All communication is done via email. Joanne will send you an email report that includes energy testing results of what was done for you.

There isn’t any need for you to do anything to prepare for your Spiritual Clearing appointment on that particular day other than keeping yourself hydrated. The Spiritual Clearing will be received via your Higher-self and processed through your mind, body and soul at the most optimum time, often when you are asleep that same night. It isn’t possible for Joanne to give you an exact time of day prior to doing your Spiritual Clearing, but you can find out later when it was done. However, please do know that timing is not important – the actual Clearing is what counts!

The results and tangible signs of you having a distance Spiritual Clearing treatment can be anything from you experiencing minor to major improvements in your overall disposition and state of health and at times even instant healings. Typically do allow 24 to 48 hours after you’ve experienced your Clearing treatment to notice any beneficial shifts or healing’s, but these can also begin within hours of the actual Clearing treatment. However, it may be that you feel and notice no difference at all. In this case, subtle energetic changes will still be taking place at a level of your Being that your conscious mind is unable to register. You will always be helped spiritually with every treatment even when you aren’t consciously aware of any difference.