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A Distance Healing/Clearing appointment or package addresses any healing needs you may have as well as Clearing you of any spiritual and energetic interference. An accumulation of interference energies can energetically drain you, weaken you, and adversely affect your health and wellbeing. You can either choose to book one appointment with me, or choose to book a package of three appointments, which enables you to have one appointment a week for a period of three weeks. (A package offers you a discount upon booking). A Distance Healing/Clearing appointment includes energy testing - I energy test a person's energies to discern a variety of underlying energetic issues, imbalances and factors that maybe interfering, causing or contributing to their health issues/problems. Any health issues a person has is always addressed from a spiritual, energetic and intuitive perspective. I never diagnose a person's health issues, please do seek the advice from a licensed medical doctor for that. Each person is always helped to the best of my ability with the Divine taking the lead, and the testimonials speak for themselves.


A Distance Healing/Clearing appointment or package can help to restore greater harmony, balance and vitality to your overall health, wellbeing and life experience.

Every appointment you have will include an email report of your energy testing results regarding your specific issue/concern and exactly what was cleared, corrected and rebalanced for you.




Step 01

Read everything on this page and decide if you want to book one appointment or a package?

One Distance Healing/Clearing: $75

Distance Healing/Clearing Package (3): $200

Step 02

Click on the appropriate button below which directs you straight to the request form.

Step 03

Fill out the appropriate information on the form and submit it to pay for and secure your appointment(s).

Once Joanne has received confirmation of your payment, she will email you to let you know when she will begin. Please do allow ONE to TWO days for her to respond. There is typically a TWO WEEK wait from the time you make your payment, which is what secures your appointment.


No. As this is a distance Healing/Clearing appointment, there is no need for Joanne to speak to you over the phone or via Skype. 

All communication is done via email. Joanne will send you an email report that includes energy testing results of what was done for you. 

There isn’t any need for you to do anything to physically prepare for your Distance Healing/Clearing appointment on that particular day other than keeping yourself hydrated. Sending a prayer of gratitude to ‘God,’ or the ‘Light’ for intervening to help you in the highest and best way is always going to be beneficial for you as the frequency of gratitude is one of ‘allowing healing.’

The Spiritual Healing/Clearing will be received via your Higher-self and processed through your mind, body and soul at the most optimum time, often when you are asleep that same night. 

It isn’t possible for Joanne to give you an exact time of day prior to doing your appointment, but you can find out later when it was done. However, please do know that timing is not important – the actual Healing/Clearing is what counts. Plus, it continues to process for you over the coming days/weeks.

The results and tangible signs of you having a distance Healing/Clearing treatment can be anything from you experiencing minor to major improvements in your overall disposition and state of health and at times even instant healings. 

Typically, a period of 24 to 48 hours after you’ve experienced your distance Healing/Clearing treatment is required for you to notice any beneficial shifts or healing’s, but these can also begin within hours of the actual Healing/Clearing treatment. 

However, it may be that you feel and notice no difference at all. In this case, subtle energetic changes will still be taking place at a level of your Being that your conscious mind is unable to register. You will always be helped spiritually with every treatment even when you aren’t consciously aware of any difference.

Healing improvements are often minor and steady for chronic long-term issues. Each person is unique and so it’s impossible to give any guarantees or time frames of healing resolution. There may not be one. What I can do is to give examples of testimonials. A person who suffered with chronic year-long insomnia required around 8-10 appointments in order for the problem to be resolved, which nothing else had been able to help her over that time (sleep meds and medical help).

Chronic long-term issues that are deeply rooted in the soul/heart energy (psyche) hold strong energetic habit patterns. The habit pattern keeps the health issue/concern locked in there until it eventually weakens to the point of no resistance. This is when a breakthrough in a person’s healing can happen.

A person also has to take responsibility for any life style changes and transformational changes within their consciousness (addressing their limiting thoughts, false beliefs, attitudes, behavior, actions and such). Transformation at the heart/soul level is what empowers a person’s healing resolution. 

Some people don’t respond to healing/clearing treatments and there can be many reasons for this and far too many to mention here. 

All I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that it is God’s Will for us to heal. For us to survive and thrive. However, God always honors our Free Will and will not override our free will, soul challenges and karma without us taking full responsibility for Soul transformation. 

God’s Grace and the power of prayer are enterally available for us to heal.

Spiritual healing and the power of prayer to help clear and heal has no adverse side-effects whatsoever and certainly doesn’t harm a person in anyway, shape or form.

Most of the time the healing shifts are processed in such a way that there are no side-effects or healing crisis. 

However, maybe 1 in every 10 people will experience some of the following clearing symptoms, which is simply a sign that energetic and healing shifts are taking place.

In this sense, the body is detoxifying from noxious energies (that keep you sick) in an attempt to return to a more beneficial balanced energetic state. Keeping yourself hydrated will speed up this temporary process.

  • Disturbed sleep patterns for a couple of days (most of my clients actually experience deeper sleep, but this can happen at times as the body is in the process of rebalancing).
  • Diarrhea
  • Emotional (sadness and other emotions)
  • Headaches 

These symptoms soon clear and a more balanced, high-vibe energetic state results.  

Yes, science has confirmed that pets are empathic and do absorb their owners stress and other energetic interference. Animals also have a spiritual and energetic anatomy and so they can certainly benefit from having a distance Healing/Clearing treatment. 

One person’s dog was very sickly. The Vet’s diagnosis was meningitis. I did one distance Healing/Clearing treatment and their dog fully recovered within 24 hours.

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