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Several of these people received doctor’s examinations after their distance spiritual healing and were given confirmation from their doctor that their specific condition had somehow healed. Scheduled knee replacement surgery was cancelled for one person due to a total healing of the knee in only one distance spiritual healing treatment given.

A bone infection cleared and an open leg wound began to close within one week of receiving three distance spiritual healing’s. This was after medical science, strong antibiotics, and other energy healing modalities had initially failed to help the young lady over a one year period of experiencing chronic pain and being bedridden. Pictures were taken of the open leg wound that show dramatic results happening within days of the first healing sent. These documented results offer excellent evidence of the astonishing power of Spiritual Healing Prayer.

Addiction breakthroughs have also been very successful and often result in immediate positive changes taking place within a person’s state of mind and disposition. For others, chronic pain has been completely resolved or dramatically lessened. Nothing short of miraculous results for all those who were sick and suffering and decided upon having some spiritual assistance to help them heal.

A Variety of Testimonials 


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Next Available Appointments are now January 2018

To Book A Spiritual Healing Appointment


Fill out the form below with your full name, age, location, email and specific problem.

Distance Spiritual Healing Treatments are free. However, I can only continue to offer this healing service if people offer donations, no matter how small, for their spiritual healing treatment.

Giving back for my time, effort, and dedication to your health and wellbeing is very much appreciated and will also be in perfect harmony with the spiritual law of giving and receiving.

Once I have received your completed form and kind donation, I will immediately add you to my healing waiting list.

I will then email you near to the time of your spiritual healing treatment to let you know I will soon begin.

IMPORTANT: No email reports are sent to you about your distance spiritual healing, as it is impossible for me to keep in constant contact with people when so many people require spiritual healing help.

You are welcome to report back any instant healings or any beneficial changes with your problem/issue over the coming days, weeks and months as the spiritual clearing shifts continue to take place.

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How You Can Prepare for Your Upcoming Spiritual Healing 


Visit the Aftercare Spiritual Healing Page to listen to the video recording I made to help you receive a greater understanding about how you can empower your spiritual healing process. You can listen to the video recording in the days prior to and then again after your spiritual healing treatment. You will also notice there is a way for you to book additional Spiritual Clearing’s from this page in order to help keep your mind, body and soul clear of an accumulation of non-benefical energies.


Please thank Infinite Love, God, in your own way for this spiritual healing help, prior to and again afterwards, as gratitude goes a long way in helping you to become well. The frequency of gratitude expands your heart energy, making you become more receptive to the spiritual healing forces.


keep your body hydrated with water to help support the energetic shifts in your cells and the electrical shifts in your energy systems.


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