The Christ Light

The Christ Light

Christ Light Consciousness

A powerful aspect of our higher-self nature is our own Christ Consciousness, which is always in perfect harmony and alignment with the universal Oneness of the Christ Light Consciousness. This unconditional light illuminates our higher nature so that we can begin to awaken our material awareness to our higher-self and bring down more spiritual power from the light of our own Christ-self into our daily life. Amplifying the light within us is the answer to overcoming many of our earthly struggles and healing our health issues and physical complaints.

Amplify the Light Within You

Let the light of your own Christ-self take root within your consciousness to help you grow and expand the Christ Light within you, through you, and around you. When you focus on the light within you, then you will naturally amplify it and your vibration will begin to shine more brightly. The meaning of the term ‘shining brightly’ represents your awesome spiritual and creative power, your elevated vibrational frequency, and your expansion in consciousness. The easiest way to help amplify the Christ Light within you is to always move heavenwards in your thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors.

Upgrading Your Consciousness

It is very important to examine our consciousness and to resolve and correct any false and limiting belief patterns originating from our old stories of emotional pain that still interferes with all aspects of our life in the present moment. Therefore, the past, present and future are all inter-dimensionally connected, as each one impacts the other in their individual timelines. When we willfully choose to resolve and correct these issues, we will help to greatly improve our health, relationships, prosperity, creativity, joy and success as we move our consciousness into further harmony, balance and wholeness. Re-align our consciousness with divine truth and divine love – the divine formula of healing,God’s Grace, and healing miracles.

Soul Evolution

Bringing more of God’s divine truth and divine love into our consciousness is a lifelong and beyond time/space process. As human souls, we continuously mature and evolve our consciousness through our individual life experiences. We also evolve as a human race via our collective consciousness. We all exist at different degrees of consciousness and you only need to look around the world to notice the great diversity existing between all people and different cultures. Some human souls and cultures choose peace, while others choose war and terror.

It is the free will creative power of man that has caused all of the adveristies in the world, through their own limiting awareness; through their fasle belief and fear that they separate from God, and from other human souls; and through their own selfish desires. When these unenlightened and misguided souls eventually bring the light of their own higher-self nature into their waking consciousness, they will begin to awaken the Christ Light Consciousness within them and they will walk the path of light and continuously evolve their souls in harmony with Oneness, Unity, Love and Truth.

As Above/As Below

We must strive to expand the Christ Light within us so that we keep discovering, processing, living, and re-aligning with Divine Truth and Divine Love. The path of Light can lead us to co-design with the powers of Heaven (As Above/As Below), to bring the glory of Heaven to Earth, to be able to fulfil our deepest dreams and heartfelt desires.

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The Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field

Bio-electric Field

The human energy field is a multidimensional vibrational field that incorporates a fascinating mixture of subtle, electromagnetic and electrical energies. This extraordinary human energy field, also known as the bio-auric field, was first scientifically measured in the 1930’s by Harold S. Burr, a professor of anatomy at Yale University of Medicine. Burr was an impressive researcher and teacher of Neuroanatomy and Bio-electrodynamics. The human energy field is already known to many people throughout the world as the aura – a multi-layered energetic atmosphere surrounding each of us that also interacts with other people’s auras, our environment, and the atmosphere of the earth.

Highly Sensitive Atmosphere

The human energy field is a highly sensitive and intangible aura that contains every aspect of our consciousness in energetic form. It is not only the container of our soul and higher subtle energies, it is also an energy system that works interrelated to all of our other energy systems. You can compare this to the way a hard drive within a computer stores all of the input and output data recordings. Not only does the human energy field contain extraordinary amounts of information about us, it also processes and transmits this information to other interrelated parts of our multilayered field.

Distinct Patterns of Energy

Our human energy field is extremely complex, highly intelligent and it also displays very distinct patterns of energy. These energy patterns include electromagnetic waves, different degrees of vibrational intensities, magnetic and dynamic polarities, and unique modulation patterns that incorporate different flows, pulses, shapes, and rhythms. And all of these energy patterns work in correlation with the typical state of our mind, our body and our soul (consciousness). What we believe, think, feel, say, and do instantly affects our energetic patterns. All parts of us therefore create the astonishing human energy field. When our consciousness naturally evolves through spiritual growth and transformation, then our human energy field alters its distinct patterns and increases its vibrational frequency. We become lighter in essence (more enlightened), and our human energy field via our soul, is able to hold more light. The more light our soul is able to express, the more spiritual power we will contain to transform our life experiences into radiant joy and fulfilment.

Colors Expressed in the Human Energy Field

Through extensive and impressive laboratory experiments, numerous colors were seen to exist within the human energy field as a person was being measured by electrodes that were carefully placed on their skin. Different colors correspond with different physiological changes expressed in a person’s body. Blood pressure changes, and changes in brain wave patterns and respiratory functions are all affected by a person’s moods. When we experience any degree of stress it instantly affects our energies, shifting them into irregular patterns and flows, and we also display certain colors to match the frequency of the stress we are under.

The Effects of Healing on our Human Energy Field

When a person is ill, their human energy field is out of kilt, energetically weak and is unable to perform at optimum frequency. Because all of our energy systems are interrelated, they all affect each other. By working on any aspect of our bio-auric field, we are able to improve the quality of our energies as a whole system. This invaluable support is necessary – in regards to helping to boost our general vitality and empower our immune health. Medical doctors are now beginning to research more into the subject of energy medicine, as they acknowledge that our body is more than just a machine, it is also the vehicle for our consciousness. The human energy field will therefore continuously be researched as we move into exploring ever deeper dimensions of this astonishing force within and around us.

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Energy Healing Technique To Protect Your Energies

Energy Healing Technique To Protect Your Energies

Protecting Your Energy

Here is a very powerful ‘energy medicine technique’ to help you quickly protect your energies from any destructive energies in the environment, and from the negative energies of other people.

What Drains Our Vitality! 

Fluorescent lighting can especially drain our vitality as does spending too much time on and near our computer and cell/mobile phones. When our vitality is drained, our immune system loses power and our body becomes vulnerable to illness, viruses, and disease. Depression, irritability, and aches and pains can also result from a continuous disturbance of low energy. 

Easy to Use Energy Technique – The Zip UP

This is such an easy but potent exercise to do that you can even teach it to your little ones. All you need to do is to move the flat palm of your hand directly up the center line of your body as you take a deep breath in, beginning at the lowest point near your pelvis and moving it right up to go past your face and above your head, so that your palm faces the heavens, then release your breath out of your mouth. “Do not touch your body,” make sure you are at least 3, inches away from the midline of your body. Do this exercise 3, times and then finish. You are naturally pulling up your energies and helping to zip up your bio-auric field to protect you from any detrimental unseen influences.

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Angel Healing Prayer

Angel Healing Prayer

Archangel Michael

(He who is like God)

Archangel Michael is probably the most famous and universally known archangel of them all. His magnificent celestial body is the divine expression of God’s power, absolute truth, and protection. He is depicted in great works of art as a mighty angelic being who carries a protective shield and powerful sword of light, often referred to as the “sword of truth.” Some have called him a warrior angel because of his biblical reference to his casting down the fallen angel, Lucifer.

Archangel Michael can help us to slay the fears of our shadow nature, to break through our illusionary limitations with the power of Divine Truth, and to overcome our weaknesses with courage and fortitude. The divine light power that is bestowed on this mighty archangel by God is truly remarkable.

The following prayer will help you to align with the divine light cosmic power of Archangel Michael and his amazing divine attributes.

Angel Healing Prayer with Archangel Michael

“Archangel Michael, please light-up my consciousness with the royal blue divine light frequency of cosmic power. I willingly receive the light into every cell of my physical body, turning on God’s light within. I allow the light to dissolve all fear and illusion that is keeping me from living my truth. I allow the light to transform all resistance to truth within my body, mind and soul, so I am free to heal in all my ways. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”

Finish by quickly visualizing (a few seconds) your entire body, inside and out, being bathed in a royal blue light.

Are you interested in learning about Spiritual Healing? Check out the Spiritual Healing Online Course

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Angels of God

Angels of God

God sends His holy angels to surround us with their divine presence at times of struggle, illness, shock, depression and pain, providing us with much needed spiritual comfort, support, and divine healing power. God also sends us His holy angels whenever we need protecting in a physical way, or when we need to be protected from any unseen destructive forces. These remarkable angels of God, are filled with the divine light of the Holy Spirit – and they are our divine connections to a higher power. Their glorious celestial form completely embodies God’s divine truth and divine love, and they emanate this powerful divine light outwards for all people to know and recognize God.

You will therefore know these magnificent angels of God by their immensely powerful divine light, and by the unending love they adorn for Jesus Christ – King of the angels. The almighty divine authority of Jesus resonates throughout the entire angelic kingdom and celestial realms in all of the heaven worlds. All angels of God, worship and praise Jesus, and all work in agreement with the divine Will of God.

Angels of God – Fear of the fallen ones

Many Christians become overly concerned about communing with the ministry of God’s angels because they fear that if they do, they may unwittingly become in touch with an angel who is not of God. There are misguided angels who have purposely chosen to turn their backs on God through their own free will, just as there are misguided humans who choose the path of hatred over love. Often called the fallen angels, these unholy creatures draw their limited power from the fear consciousness of mankind, and in doing so, they can willingly interfere with as much of humanity as they are able to gain influence over.

They have no power over Christians

Even though they are Angels of God also, they have no power over Christians who have a deep faith and belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The only way they can partially interfere with the mind and soul of Christians, is if Christians willingly enable them. We have divine authority over them because of Jesus and we can command them away in the name of Jesus. The Word of God, containing God’s divine truth and divine light, completely drives away these misguided and limited spirits. The good news is that they are extremely fearful of Jesus and of the mighty and all-powerful Archangel Michael. The mere mention of their names and their divine authority, is enough to send them trembling fast away.

The fallen ones are unable to masquerade as an angel of God and sustain this lie because their light is so dim that they will always fail to illuminate and shine with the holy light and presence of God. This therefore means that should you ever find yourself within their presence, or if you suspect you may be under their influence, then you will instantly know them because they cannot fake divine qualities, especially when challenged in Jesus’ name. These divine qualities are qualities of divine love, divine truth and feelings of peace, joy and healing. Angels of God however, can instantly invoke these wonderful feelings of divine love, inspiration, peace, healing and radiant joy, and they will all celebrate the holy name and divine authority of Jesus. Even our own soul’s light, due to our love of God and the spirit of God within us, can completely overpower them when we claim our divine inheritance and remind them of who we are.

The angels of light are Angels of God

It is extremely important to understand more about the divine ministry of angels because they are holy divine forces of God. We need these dynamic forces of light and divine power within our world and within our lives. God has assigned us an angel to be with us to help us in all our ways. Every one of us has a guardian angel who is able to divinely influence towards God’s love. Our guardian angel can personally assist us in many wonderful ways. Archangel Michael, is Chief of the heavenly angels, and the celestial leader of legions upon legions of angels and all of the guardian angels. The following two very significant angels of God can help you with specific needs.

Archangel Michael: If you are fearful and need protecting in any way (physically or spiritually), then you can ask God to send you the divine protection of Archangel Michael. This majestic Archangel can also help you to break any strongholds, such as addictions, destructive habits and behaviors. Use the following divine prayer request:
“Dear God, please send me the divine protection and spiritual force of Archangel Michael for my greatest good. Thank you God, Amen.” (You can also be specific with what you need protection or help with).

Archangel Raphael: If you need help with healing any kind of illness, pain or emotional issue, then the remarkable divine healing power of Archangel Raphael can truly help you. Archangel Raphael can also help you to overcome any kind of lack and limitation within your life, so that you can claim your divine inheritance and abundance that is naturally yours.
“Dear God, please send me the divine healing power of Archangel Raphael for my greatest good. Thank you God, Amen.” (You can also be specific with what you need healing or help with).

Now you know your angels of God, perhaps you would like to learn more about the angels and the power of Angel Medicine.

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