My name is Kathy,

I contacted Joanne Brocas, to ask her for for a distance spiritual healing treatment for blocked arteries after I had an appointment with my vascular surgeon.

The test results showed a 69% blockage in both arteries. Surgery was going to be the next step if the follow-up test was just as bad or worse.

Joanne agreed to do specific healing prayers and a spiritual healing treatment to help clear the blockages in my arteries. done in pure connection with Infinite Love. This is all done by distance healing as I have not met Joanne in person.

The outcome of this spiritual healing work was incredible news. After being retested by the vascular surgeon, they were astonished to find that the arteries were significantly cleared. There was a 40 percent clearing. Typically only a small percent changes but not such a huge difference. There is no medical explanation for this!!!!!!!

There is of course an explanation of spiritual truth, which is, God’s Power Heals.

Thank you, Joanne Brocas, I no longer need to have surgery.

Kathy Mineart