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Here you will find a selection of Video Prayers, Spiritual Healing Articles and Energetic Techniques to help you to take back your Soul Power to Heal and to Create the Life Experience you truly Desire!



Pain Healing Testimonial

Pain Healing Testimonial    Hi, my name is Sharon, I have been suffering for a while with intermittent pain in my right side. My GP sent me for a scan as he suspected it may be an ovarian cyst, but this was not the case. I have suffered with IBS in the past so this...

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Cough Healing Testimonial

Cough Healing Testimonial    My name is Sheila, I contacted Joanne Brocas for a distance spiritual healing about my annoying persistent cough that I haven’t been able to shift since Christmas (6 months). Medication from the Doctors never helped to alleviate it and I...

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