My name is Gareth,

My wife Shirley and daughter Emma, contacted Joanne Brocas for a distance spiritual healing treatment on behalf of myself. I was taken into hospital by ambulance because of severe stomach pain.

On investigation from blood tests and scans, it revealed that I had pancreatitis and stones in my gallbladder that caused me terrible pain. I was told I needed an operation.

In the hospital, I was in daily pain and I had no appetite whatsoever and wasn’t drinking that much water either. My wife mentioned this to Joanne and that same day Joanne sent me a distance spiritual healing treatment to clear my pain and to increase my appetite, and the results of this worked wonders.

The next day I had no pain, I was very comfortable, and started eating and drinking again. Joanne also worked on clearing, healing and restoring vital energy to my pancreas, and when the test results came back on my pancreas, they showed that the pancreas was now working totally fine.

Due to the stones in my gallbladder, I had to have keyhole surgery. After surgery, I was in a lot of pain and because of my blood platelet level, I was told I needed to stay in hospital until it went up to a certain number. I was very fed up being in hospital for over a month now and really wanted to go home.

Again, my wife Shirley, contacted Joanne, who immediately sent more distance spiritual healing for pain relief, but also to specifically help to bring my blood platelet level to the correct level so that I could leave the hospital.

The healing Joanne sent was amazing, and three days later I was told my blood levels were up and therefore I could go home.

I am so grateful for the distance spiritual healing treatments Joanne Brocas sent me from the Divine Healing Light power.

Thank you Joanne Brocas,

Gareth Jones