Cancer Testimonials

My name is Laura,


I contacted Joanne Brocas to ask her to do a distance spiritual healing treatment for my brother, Wally who has late stage bone cancer. He did have brain and lung cancer also, but those tumors are now gone.

Since Joanne started sending distance spiritual healing over the last 3-4 weeks, his energy level and appetite have greatly increased! He even started cooking again, and last week made 4 dishes with freshly prepared food, all for the same meal. He shopped for, prepared and ate the meal.

2 weeks ago he had to force himself to eat more than a tablespoon PER DAY. 4 days ago he complained that he could only eat 2/3 of a 3 egg and sausage omelet (that he prepared). He’s up and about now more than down and out. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to know that he feels better, and is improving.

Joanne is a beautiful, generous soul, who truly makes the world a better place. She is an amazing, caring healer, and I’m so grateful to her and God for all that she does for Wally, and in turn, my family. The thought of losing yet another brother has had its effects, and Joanne’s selfless healing work has helped soften those feelings as well.

If you or your loved one need help, contact Joanne Brocas. Ask God for help, and believe in miracles!

Laura Romeiro

spiritual healer

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