Accident/Trauma Healing Testimonial

Accident/Trauma Healing Testimonial

Accident/Trauma Healing Testimonial 


My name is Anna, and this healing testimonial is about my brother, Brendan,

I contacted Joanne Brocas to help my brother Brendan, with distance spiritual healing treatments after he had a terrible accident.

In May this year my brother had an accident. Doctors, after many operations in a very short space of time, managed to stop severe internal bleeding and save his life. He was placed in an induced coma and we waited as a ventilator and kidney dialysis kept him breathing and functioning. Towards the end of 5 weeks in intensive care he began to breathe on his own and come off the dialysis. Broken bones began to heal. Lack of oxygen to his brain caused by the trauma of the accident had left him however with a brain injury; an MRI scan showed damage. 

Out of intensive care and with Brendan in an uncertain state of consciousness and visible responsiveness, I contacted Joanne. 

Joanne was able to respond immediately and she set to work sending healing to Brendan. Joanne very quickly tuned into Brendan’s emotional and psychological state both present and past, which I was able to provide some background to and confirm. Her insight was amazing and exacting, and allowed some old energies not helpful to the healing process to be worked on and cleared. 

Over the last nearly 5 months Joanne has sent at least once weekly healing all the way to Scotland, helping an infected leg wound, clearing negative energies and working on specific aspects of Brendan’s recovery and physical condition. 

Brendan is now in a rehabilitation unit where he is continuing to make progress. I have been so impressed by Joanne’s skill, understanding and professionalism. Her patience, dedication to help and ability to help in very practical and powerful ways, aiding my brother’s recovery – not just of his body alone, but also that of his heart and soul. 

Thank you, Joanne

Anna Reid