The Seven Holy Archangels

The Seven Holy Archangels

The Seven Spirits of God

The Seven Holy Archangels are mentioned in the Book of Revelation as the ‘Seven Spirits of God.’

They are also mentioned in Rev. 4:5; “There were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.”


Joanne Brocas’ Mystical Interpretation

The Throne of God is symbolic of the ‘Heart of God.’ The lamps of fire burning before the throne can therefore be understood as follows:

The Seven Holy Archangels are the ‘Divine Light Frequencies/Rays/Flames/Lamps that originate from the very Heart/Presence of God to help to illuminate our individual consciousness to evolve our soul; to help light up our entire life experience; to help bring more of our higher-self nature into our daily life, and to help us to awaken and remember that we are an eternal divine spark of light from the One and only Power and the Light of Lights – God.

When we willfully decide to re-claim our glorious and magnificent light, we will truly begin to have and demonstrate dominion over all things! (Matter).


Angel Prayers

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Why the Archangels Align with the Chakras

Why the Archangels Align with the Chakras

Archangels and the Chakras


Our extraordinary energetic constitution is a stunning microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the universe.


Our seven main energy centers, otherwise known as the chakras, are regarded as dimensions of consciousness and spiritual gateways/portals that lead us into limitless cosmic dimensions.


The seven main chakras are associated with the seven colors of the rainbow. (Root/Red, Sacral/Orange, Solar Plexus/Yellow, Heart/Green, Throat/Blue, Brow/Indigo, Crown/Violet). This rainbow constitution of light and consciousness that is found within the spiritual and energetic anatomy of our human soul, emanates from Source Light. Our chakra system enables us to have the individual consciousness we desire from the One Divine Source, to journey through evolution and participate in the continued expansion of Creation.


Each chakra is aligned with one of the Seven Rays/Frequencies of the Divine Light Source, out of which the Seven Archangels, the Seven Elohim, and the Seven Ascended Masters are placed in celestial charge of a specific ray/frequency of perfected light. Therefore you have a direct connection/correlation with the Archangels and the Chakra System. The magnetic power of the chakras begin to draw into the individual’s consciousness the perfected radiations of light that emanate directly from Source through the ‘Seven Archangels,’ to the lower dimensions and into the physical realm.


14 Archangels of Divine Light


Whilst there are certainly seven Archangels in charge of the divine light rays, there in actuality 14, Archangels at this cosmic level in total, because they have both masculine and feminine counterparts. The feminine aspects of the Archangels are often called Archeia, but many sources still refer to them as Archangels – it is a matter of personal preference.


Some sources do differ on the names of the Seven Archangels – again, the essence is that there are seven forces of light that connect to the chakra system, and Archangel names are not as important as the actual divine light frequency of God that they personally embody.


Divine light frequencies are seven divine qualities, attributes and aspects of God’s Consciousness, that make up Wholeness/Unity/Oneness – the map of the cosmos, the power of Creation/Expansion/Evolution.


Why are the Colors of the Rays/Frequencies different from the traditional Chakra Colors?


I am often asked the question why are the Archangels ray colors different from our seven main chakras? For example; Why is it that Archangel Gabriel is aligned with the Root/Base Chakra, when their divine light frequency is white and the root/base chakra is traditionally known to be red?


Answer: Whilst all colors can be observed within each one of the chakras, the traditional 3rd dimensional color for the root/base chakra is red. However, when we begin to expand our consciousness, the color frequency contained within each of our chakras also begins to resonate at a higher frequency of light. The divine light frequencies of the Seven Archangels, are in greater harmony with more advanced dimensions of light and consciousness ranging from the 4th/5th dimensional light frequencies all the way to Source Light. Their light emanations truly help to guide us in our individual evolutionary development. Archangel Gabriel’s white light frequency can help to directly influence the root/base chakra with divine light intelligence to help purify our fears and bring our chakra into greater harmony with its current life purpose.


Five Extra Transcendent Chakras


We have seven main chakras. We also have extensive minor chakras, which include secondary chakras and even smaller ones; along with acupuncture and acupressure points.


Five extra transcendent chakras are now becoming known to us due to the evolutionary spiritual growth/maturity of human consciousness. Thus the 12 Chakra System is an important step on our soul path.

Angels of God

Angels of God

God sends His holy angels to surround us with their divine presence at times of struggle, illness, shock, depression and pain, providing us with much needed spiritual comfort, support, and divine healing power. God also sends us His holy angels whenever we need protecting in a physical way, or when we need to be protected from any unseen destructive forces. These remarkable angels of God, are filled with the divine light of the Holy Spirit – and they are our divine connections to a higher power. Their glorious celestial form completely embodies God’s divine truth and divine love, and they emanate this powerful divine light outwards for all people to know and recognize God.

You will therefore know these magnificent angels of God by their immensely powerful divine light, and by the unending love they adorn for Jesus Christ – King of the angels. The almighty divine authority of Jesus resonates throughout the entire angelic kingdom and celestial realms in all of the heaven worlds. All angels of God, worship and praise Jesus, and all work in agreement with the divine Will of God.

Angels of God – Fear of the fallen ones

Many Christians become overly concerned about communing with the ministry of God’s angels because they fear that if they do, they may unwittingly become in touch with an angel who is not of God. There are misguided angels who have purposely chosen to turn their backs on God through their own free will, just as there are misguided humans who choose the path of hatred over love. Often called the fallen angels, these unholy creatures draw their limited power from the fear consciousness of mankind, and in doing so, they can willingly interfere with as much of humanity as they are able to gain influence over.

They have no power over Christians

Even though they are Angels of God also, they have no power over Christians who have a deep faith and belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The only way they can partially interfere with the mind and soul of Christians, is if Christians willingly enable them. We have divine authority over them because of Jesus and we can command them away in the name of Jesus. The Word of God, containing God’s divine truth and divine light, completely drives away these misguided and limited spirits. The good news is that they are extremely fearful of Jesus and of the mighty and all-powerful Archangel Michael. The mere mention of their names and their divine authority, is enough to send them trembling fast away.

The fallen ones are unable to masquerade as an angel of God and sustain this lie because their light is so dim that they will always fail to illuminate and shine with the holy light and presence of God. This therefore means that should you ever find yourself within their presence, or if you suspect you may be under their influence, then you will instantly know them because they cannot fake divine qualities, especially when challenged in Jesus’ name. These divine qualities are qualities of divine love, divine truth and feelings of peace, joy and healing. Angels of God however, can instantly invoke these wonderful feelings of divine love, inspiration, peace, healing and radiant joy, and they will all celebrate the holy name and divine authority of Jesus. Even our own soul’s light, due to our love of God and the spirit of God within us, can completely overpower them when we claim our divine inheritance and remind them of who we are.

The angels of light are Angels of God

It is extremely important to understand more about the divine ministry of angels because they are holy divine forces of God. We need these dynamic forces of light and divine power within our world and within our lives. God has assigned us an angel to be with us to help us in all our ways. Every one of us has a guardian angel who is able to divinely influence towards God’s love. Our guardian angel can personally assist us in many wonderful ways. Archangel Michael, is Chief of the heavenly angels, and the celestial leader of legions upon legions of angels and all of the guardian angels. The following two very significant angels of God can help you with specific needs.

Archangel Michael: If you are fearful and need protecting in any way (physically or spiritually), then you can ask God to send you the divine protection of Archangel Michael. This majestic Archangel can also help you to break any strongholds, such as addictions, destructive habits and behaviors. Use the following divine prayer request:
“Dear God, please send me the divine protection and spiritual force of Archangel Michael for my greatest good. Thank you God, Amen.” (You can also be specific with what you need protection or help with).

Archangel Raphael: If you need help with healing any kind of illness, pain or emotional issue, then the remarkable divine healing power of Archangel Raphael can truly help you. Archangel Raphael can also help you to overcome any kind of lack and limitation within your life, so that you can claim your divine inheritance and abundance that is naturally yours.
“Dear God, please send me the divine healing power of Archangel Raphael for my greatest good. Thank you God, Amen.” (You can also be specific with what you need healing or help with).

Now you know your angels of God, perhaps you would like to learn more about the angels and the power of Angel Medicine.

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Christian Angels and Divine Power

Christian Angels and Divine Power

The Ministry of Christian Angels

The ministry of angels and the study of angels – otherwise known as angelology, can truly help us human souls in all our ways. Christian angels are mentioned nearly three hundred times in the Bible, and their ministry is extremely important to us. Father Renzo Lavatori, a highly recognized and top Italian Priest, is an experienced ‘angelologist and demonologist,’ who says that a belief in angels has grown enormously in recent years, and that this is a trend he attributes to a modern Christianity.

Forces of Good

Surrounding us are forces of good, and it is about time that we begin to acknowledge these divine holy forces instead of placing our emphasis on so-called evil powers. There is only ‘One Power’ and this is the Divine Power of God. There cannot be a separate power because there is only ONE. The forces of evil can, therefore never overpower this One Power because they too are from this original source – they have simply fallen from God’s Grace. They have also tried unsuccessfully to attempt to establish their own separate power with no avail. God’s love, divine light, and divine protection will always prevail.

Christian Angels and Psalm 91:11

The Christian Bible says, “He will give His angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways.” Psalm 91:11. Angels really do exist and they are just as real in consciousness as you and I. They are typically unseen to our physical senses, although they can take on the appearance of human form if necessary, and this is usually so when a celestial act of divine intervention is called for. They have very refined celestial bodies of divine light. You will intuitively know when you are in the presence of an angel because you will feel the divine love they emit from their magnificent angelic form all around you.

Christian Angels are therefore very real and they do not belong to the realms of fairy tales and mythology. They are a divine source of comfort, strength and protection for billions of people worldwide. Angels play an extraordinary and crucial role to help serve mankind. They are holy divine messengers who bring us God’s love, guidance, protection, and direction whenever we reach out to a higher power for spiritual assistance. The divine power of Heaven is always willing to help us, and God’s holy angels always work in agreement with divine truth and divine love, and under the will of God.

Christian Angels and The Song of Creation

The first order and highest choir of angels in the celestial heavenly hierarchy are the mighty and spectacular Seraphim. They are known to ceaselessly chant and sing “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His Glory.” This glorious song of celebration is also a song of Creation. It is the primary source of the Divine Love vibration that resonates with the creative aspect of life. The prophet Isaiah was said to see flaming angels above the Throne of God. “Each had six wings: Two covered the face, two covered the feet and two were used for flying.” As you can see, God’s Holy Christian Angels not only assist us as human souls in our physical lives, but they also work at maintaining the glorious vibration of God’s remarkable Creation. Angels Exist.

May God’s Holy Angels bless you in all your ways! Check out this all-powerful Angel Medicine Online Healing Course today. Learn more about Christian Angels

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Online Angel Healing Course

Online Angel Healing Course

Five Beneficial Reasons to Join my Online Angel Course

God’s Holy Angels can and will help us in all our ways! Millions of people around the world have a fascination with Angels and believe they are real. The divine energy they deliver from a higher power can truly help to guard, guide and protect us throughout our lives, and all we need to do is to ask. When you learn to lean on a higher power, who you are already an eternal part of, then you open the door to divine guidance and to the most inspirational support you have yet received. You will come to see subtle to profound changes appearing in your life because you are aligning with the divine power of God’s Holy Angels. Here are five beneficial reasons why joining my online Angel Healing Course can begin to help bless your health and your life in all your ways.

Reason One

When you tap into a source of power that is much greater than yourself alone and who you are already a part of, then you will help to magnify God’s grace and healing for your health and your life. Many people fail to reach out for spiritual assistance, believing in their own power and ability to create the lives. The secret of success is to co-create with a higher power and the Angels are the answer to helping you co-create with the power of God. This means improved health, increased abundance and success.

Reason Two

The Angels are God’s messengers, they take your prayers to God to be heard and then they bring back the answers that will always be in alignment with your greatest good. My Angel online course will help you to discover how to connect, communicate and heal with the angels.

Reason Three

The Angel online course will also help you to connect with the divine powers of the magnificent and mighty Archangels. A powerful angelic force that are each imbued with the God’s attributes. You will discover how to work with these awe inspiring celestial beings of God’s light. They each carry a ray of colored divine light to help humanity and the world. You will be able to work with the colored rays of light to help you in your healing work, to help you in your spiritual growth and to help give and send healing to others.

Reason Four

The most wonderful gift of the Angels is to help our beautiful souls evolve and become more closely connected to the divine power. To do this, the Angels will help teach us how to use certain divine medicine exercises that can help to transform, shift, and alter energetic patterns within us that are causing us temporary pain and life struggles so that we can raise our overall spiritual vibration and shine our soul’s light brightly. These wonderful angel medicine techniques help us to open our heart to give and receive divine love.

Reason Five

The online Angel Healing Course will also include information on healing old karmic patterns that no longer serve us. Healing old karmic patterns can help to immediately improve our health, wealth, love life and the power to co-create our dreams into reality. The Angels will help to free us from all destructive energies by working with our etheric subtle body so that we can increase the divine light within our cells and support our body’s health and well-being. Taking this class is like a taking a dose of divine medicine and you will be delighted with the results.