Diabetes Healing Testimonial

Diabetes Healing Testimonial

Diabetes Healing Testimonial 


My name is Kathy,

After reading Joanne Brocas Book, ‘The Power of Angel Medicine.’ I visited her website and contacted her for a distance spiritual healing treatment. It was in June 2016. I am type 2 diabetic and my sugar numbers were out of control. Normal numbers for folks without diabetes should run 70-140. My numbers, while on medication, were running 280 – 300+

I did not want to have to take insulin and I was afraid that this is where I was headed. I also had high ocular eye pressure and arthritis. Joanne Brocas and I communicated by email as she explored energy alignment issues and other healing factors that needed adjusting during my distance healing treatments. Joanne said that my pancreas would take time (months) to begin to heal and it would be months until I saw a significant drop in blood sugar.

It is now October (4 months later) and my blood sugar numbers range between 70-145. My morning blood sugar number today was 95. The doctor has had to reduce my medication as well.
The amazing news is that I went to my eye doctor earlier this week and my eye pressure has dropped from 30/28 to 22/22.

Joanne Brocas gave me two distance healing treatments on my eyes very recently to make the necessary corrections required and to reduce my ocular eye pressure to its normal state. I am more than happy with the outstanding results, and I am also feeling terrific in many ways.

Joanne Brocas is a beautiful soul and I am so happy our paths crossed. If you are looking for someone who walks the walk and talks the talk, Joanne is that person.

Thank you, Joanne,

Kathy Mineart