The Seven Holy Archangels

The Seven Holy Archangels

The Seven Spirits of God

The Seven Holy Archangels are mentioned in the Book of Revelation as the ‘Seven Spirits of God.’

They are also mentioned in Rev. 4:5; “There were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.”


Joanne Brocas’ Mystical Interpretation

The Throne of God is symbolic of the ‘Heart of God.’ The lamps of fire burning before the throne can therefore be understood as follows:

The Seven Holy Archangels are the ‘Divine Light Frequencies/Rays/Flames/Lamps that originate from the very Heart/Presence of God to help to illuminate our individual consciousness to evolve our soul; to help light up our entire life experience; to help bring more of our higher-self nature into our daily life, and to help us to awaken and remember that we are an eternal divine spark of light from the One and only Power and the Light of Lights – God.

When we willfully decide to re-claim our glorious and magnificent light, we will truly begin to have and demonstrate dominion over all things! (Matter).


Angel Prayers

My brand new book, ‘Angel Prayers’ is an illuminating and inspirational A-Z Guide of very powerful Divine Light Prayers to help you in all your ways! 

Angel Healing Prayer

Angel Healing Prayer

Archangel Michael

(He who is like God)

Archangel Michael is probably the most famous and universally known archangel of them all. His magnificent celestial body is the divine expression of God’s power, absolute truth, and protection. He is depicted in great works of art as a mighty angelic being who carries a protective shield and powerful sword of light, often referred to as the “sword of truth.” Some have called him a warrior angel because of his biblical reference to his casting down the fallen angel, Lucifer.

Archangel Michael can help us to slay the fears of our shadow nature, to break through our illusionary limitations with the power of Divine Truth, and to overcome our weaknesses with courage and fortitude. The divine light power that is bestowed on this mighty archangel by God is truly remarkable.

The following prayer will help you to align with the divine light cosmic power of Archangel Michael and his amazing divine attributes.

Angel Healing Prayer with Archangel Michael

“Archangel Michael, please light-up my consciousness with the royal blue divine light frequency of cosmic power. I willingly receive the light into every cell of my physical body, turning on God’s light within. I allow the light to dissolve all fear and illusion that is keeping me from living my truth. I allow the light to transform all resistance to truth within my body, mind and soul, so I am free to heal in all my ways. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”

Finish by quickly visualizing (a few seconds) your entire body, inside and out, being bathed in a royal blue light.

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