Migraine Healing Testimonial

Migraine Healing Testimonial

Migraine Healing Testimonial 


My name is Liz, 

I reached out to Joanne Brocas to ask for a distance spiritual healing treatment for myself as for over 40 plus years, I’ve suffered with horrible chronic migraines. 

They were so bad I had to take to bed at times and relied on pain medicine to help me. No doctor or chiropractic could find the root cause and relieve my terrible head pain. 

Joanne gave me “one distance spiritual healing” treatment and instantly found the cause of my migraines and cleared it. She also worked to rebalance the electrical, chemical and magnetic frequencies in my body and soul. I need to say now that this is the first time I’ve ever had a distance spiritual healing treatment and wasn’t sure what would happen. 

The result for me is beyond amazing. I’ve even done loads of sewing hobbies etc without it turning into a headache or migraine. I have a new lease of life. 

Joanne, you are brilliant, wonderful and amazing. After 40 years of debilitating migraines, you send me healing and I am CURED! 

I cannot thank both you and God enough for helping me. 

Joanne Brocas is the real deal in healing. Truly happy. 

Liz H.