Miracle Healing Testimonial

Miracle Healing Testimonial

Miracle Healing Testimonial


My name is Pauline, and this is a miracle healing testimonial about my son Leigh,

My son Leigh, was critically ill in the ICU ward in Hospital.

Leigh has been in hospital for one month with conditions that the doctors are unable to diagnose expect for what they call an autoimmune disorder. His muscles were swelling dangerously and he was unable to move. He had severe breathing difficulties and pain throughout his body. Each of his organs began shutting down and he had to have a breathing apparatus placed in.

Then the doctors told our family that they didn’t hold much hope for Leigh. I came home from the hospital and logged on here. I had been praying for help and just didn’t know what to do. Next minute a testimonial of a healing that Joanne Brocas did for someone popped up on my page. I knew this was a sign and I contacted Joanne immediately to see if she could help my son.

Within two distance healing treatments our family were totally astonished at the turn about in Leigh’s condition. His body stopped swelling, his organs began improving and he was able to breathe by himself. His color improved and the doctors were amazed that they also moved him from the ICU to another ward.

Within a week Leigh is continuing to improve. He can now hold a cup and eat a sandwich by himself. His dressings were removed to reveal that his arms and legs are healing very nicely with no infection. He has also started to walk a little.

Joanne mentioned after two distance spiritual healing treatment’s that she felt Leigh would be out of hospital very quickly within about 3 weeks. I must admit I was dubious of this because of how critically ill Leigh was. I should have had more faith because the doctor told our family tonight that they are about to move Leigh to another ward for rehabilitation and hope for him to be home within 3 weeks.

We are truly astounded by the response of Joanne’s distance spiritual healing treatments. The Speed family are Joanne’s biggest fans. My admiration and gratitude know no bounds for if it wasn’t for Joanne helping my son in this way, I know for sure that Leigh would not be with us now.

Pauline Speed