The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

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The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing, is the process of connecting with and directing the cosmic healing forces of Creation that embody Infinite Love and Source Energy. It is a sincere form of co-creating with the Divine, on behalf of the person needing healing. This can be achieved by distance spiritual healing, via the intervention of specific heartfelt prayers, or by the application of hands-on spiritual healing. Both aspects of spiritual healing, work to help rebalance the vital energies of the physical body’s organs and systems, as well as making the necessary adjustments within a person’s mindset to bring greater harmony to their overall consciousness.


Everything is Energy

Science has long proved that everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Spiritual healing works in harmony with this scientific view in that non-beneficial energy can be transformed into something more beneficial. Spiritual healing is therefore sort in order to help neutralize any non-beneficial energy resonating within our cells, which is what creates dysfunction within the primary energy pattern of an organ, system, or body part that is in disarray. It then transforms this non-beneficial energy into vital energy, balance and harmony, which in turn is what restores soul power to our physical body to help it function optimally.


The Miraculous Power of Healing Prayer

Distance spiritual healing can best be described as petitioning divine intervention via prayer on behalf of the person seeking healing. No physical contact with another person is needed or required for distance spiritual healing to work. The connection is purely a spiritual and energetic one, a vibrational resonance with the person’s name and overall consciousness, which creates a specific frequency. Distance spiritual healing works and is made possible because energy can move faster than the speed of light, and it can also be transformed in an instant. Therefore, distance spiritual healing can be sent from one location to another in an instant via specific healing prayers. This can be thought of in a similar way as wifi signals and frequencies that are unseen and which move throughout the airways.


Born to Heal

At a very young age, I was spiritually aware of the ‘Light.’ I experienced spiritual and intuitive experiences throughout my childhood and could sense and communicate with angels and spirits. My conscious connection to the ‘Light’ strengthened greatly from my daily application of prayer that I was first introduced to in infant school. It was because of a specific childhood prayer that I loved and which mentioned the angels that my alignment to the angels of God, began. I prayed daily and nightly the same prayer until I learned to pray in new and other important ways.

At seventeen, I began my active spiritual unfoldment by attending a Christian Spiritualist Church, in Swansea, Wales. On my first evening there, the congregation happened to sing the childhood prayer that I had come to know and love. I knew deep within my heart and soul that this was a true spiritual sign that I was in the right place at the right time. From then till now, my daily prayer life has been the most important aspect of my spiritual healing unfoldment. After nearly three decades of spiritual progression, research and study, I have finally come to understand a deep insight about why people don’t heal and how they can.


Many Different Factors and Forces  

The truth is that there are many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to a person’s health issues and life complaints, which are too many to include here and so I will just cover a few. As a spiritual healer, I use my discernment and insight to uncover the probable root causes (there can be more than one) that need spiritual clearing and healing. After petitioning thousands of healing’s, I know that in order for a person to be more receptive to the healing forces, they must willfully want and be ready to receive a healing, as healing always means transformation and change.

This change is not only of the physical health condition, but also a change of the person’s overall consciousness. This will include transforming any limiting beliefs they may have.  Also, an emotional transformation, such as letting go of any trauma memories and emotional pain, maybe even the need for forgiveness. And always, a spiritual change of the person’s attitude, habits, perceptions, judgments and understanding. Change is not always easy, and many people are not quite ready to change.


Spiritual healing does not interfere with a person’s free will, soul challenges and karmic lessons, in order to make them well.


Other factors involved in a person’s persisting health issues can even include other timelines of existence. This can be unresolved trauma memories that continue on through the cellular memory of the family blood line, or through the soul’s akashic records (our spiritual DNA). This can be explained simply in the continuation of the human soul. Our ancestor’s timeline, and our soul history timeline therefore both influence our physical body’s DNA, in a variety of beneficial and non-beneficial ways.


True Accounts of Spiritual Healing

The good news is that Spiritual healing truly works, and it is permanent when the root cause is discerned, cleared, transformed, and healed. I have been blessed to co-create with the Divine Power in many miraculous distance spiritual healing’s, via the astonishing power of prayer. Fascinating documented results that include photographic evidence of immediate improvements that reveal a woman’s gaping leg wound starting to close-up within hours of receiving distance spiritual healing. This was after strong antibiotics and steroids had failed to work for the woman during nearly one year of medical treatment in which she was bedridden. After a few more distance spiritual healing treatments, her leg wound fully closed and she was able to walk again.


Another case that stands out is how a scheduled knee surgery was canceled after only one distance spiritual healing treatment was given to help correct the energetic dysfunction and to clear and transform the emotional resistance that was firmly imprinted within the knee, and all within the nick of time.

There are also some people who receive what is known as ‘instant healings.’ A lady recently received an instant healing from a chronic long-term condition. She had experienced chronic migraines for over 40, plus years, and was healed from only one distance spiritual healing treatment. No medical expert could discover a reason and cause for her weekly migraines. I discerned the underlying cause to be on her ancestor timeline among a few other issues. Spiritual healing was petitioned to clear all of this, and instant healing results occurred for her after all that time!

This is why no medical expert could discover the root cause because it was of spiritual origin and not a physical one. These stories truly reveal the remarkable power of prayer and spiritual healing.


Today, spiritual healing continues to advance and evolve in its understanding and intelligence. Collectively, we are being reawakened to its unlimited potential in accordance with our own evolution in consciousness. As we naturally unfold in our spiritual awareness, we are given further access to more powerful cosmic knowledge and spiritual understanding.

Joanne Brocas


Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas is a number one award winning and bestselling author. An acclaimed spiritual healer and tutor, she is the director of spiritual healing education and research for the ASSMPI. Joanne’s books have received incredible endorsements by medical doctors: Christiane Northrup, MD. C. Norman Shealy, M.D. And, Larry Dossey, M.D.

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