Black Outs Healing Testimonial

Black Outs Healing Testimonial



My name is Jean,

I contacted Joanne Brocas on behalf of my daughter, who is disabled with a degenerative spine.

My daughter was having black outs between two to five times a day. The doctors think it is neurological and say that they can’t do anything for it. They increased her blood pressure tablets, but it made no difference.

I asked Joanne if she could do a distance spiritual healing treatment for her to help with this problem. Joanne agreed.

Since Joanne did a distance spiritual healing treatment for my daughter, her black outs have completely stopped. She is also sleeping better than she has in years.

Thank you, Joanne Brocas for your amazing healing. You are a very special lady.

Jean Purves


Seizure Healing Testimonial

Seizure Healing Testimonial

Seizure Healing Testimonial 


Hi, My name is Debby,

I contacted Joanne Brocas last week to ask her if she could give me a distance spiritual healing treatment for my epilepsy. I was struggling with having absent seizures on a daily basis as well as aggressive partial seizures.

Joanne agreed to send me healing to clear my energy and work on the root cause of seizures.

Since Joanne did my healing treatment, my seizures have totally stopped. I had them daily so this is a big improvement. I have had a very slight one that literally lasted seconds, but such a definite improvement and this is after just ONE healing treatment.

Joanne is going to do another healing treatment for me to make sure I am clear and my energies stay strong and in balance. I am now hopeful of a complete healing.

Thank you, Joanne Brocas
Debby Goodwin