Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing 


Spiritual Healing Article for TOSP (The Other Side Press)


Spiritual Healing is the ability to align with the all-powerful cosmic healing forces of Creation, of Pure Source Energy, God, in order to be able to co-create specific healing shifts in a person’s consciousness and physical body for their greatest and highest good. It is always a process of co-creation, with the spiritual healer petitioning a specific heart-felt prayer to the cosmic healing forces (Infinite Love, Divine Light and Life Energy), whilst also applying a focused intent upon the person requiring healing. The spiritual healer will often observe the healing changes taking place within their own mind, mentally seeing the spiritual and energetic shifts taking place within the person’s spiritual and energetic anatomy, including their physical body. As the spiritual healer’s mind is in harmony with the Divine Mind (Divine Creative Intelligence), miracle healing results can truly happen.


A spiritual healer can also be thought of as a facilitator in another person’s healing as they temporarily step in to help the person in need until they are able to rebalance and return to an energetic state of spiritual equilibrium. The truth is that God, doesn’t do the work alone and neither does the spiritual healer. The spiritual healer is joining forces with the ‘Light of God,’ in order to direct divine creative intelligence through the power of prayer to where it is most needed. God gave us the spiritual ability to Create, we are all divine creators.


Ask and it is Given

The spiritual power to help others to heal therefore happens when we begin to tap into a force of power that is much greater than our individual creative power alone. It is this through this remarkable spiritual process that beneficial improvements, or instant healing miracles can and do happen. It is written in Scripture that we are to “ask and it is given. This is the cosmic healing key, we must ask for spiritual assistance in order to connect with and direct the cosmic healing forces of Creation to help someone.


Yes, it is God’s Creative Power that actually does the healing and restores the soul power, but a spiritual healer does have a creative part to play in this process. How do I know that this works? Simply because of the astonishing documented results and testimonials I have received of people’s healings from a variety of health issues and complaints. Spiritual Healing will often work when nothing else can and can help to improve those persisting health issues that the medical world is unable to solve.


Free Will

The person requiring a healing plays a very important part in their own healing recovery. For them to be receptive to the spiritual healing they must be willing to accept it. In this sense, no one can force a healing on another person no matter how much they want them to be well. The person themselves must at some level truly want and desire to be healed. Many people are fed up with the struggle of life and this can interfere with their unconscious will to live. It can cause all matter of resistance to their healing. A person’s free will is the key to their healing.

Healing often requires change and transformation of a person’s mind-set, emotional state and behavior, and many people simply aren’t ready to let go, transform and move on. Many people fear change and some people even believe that they don’t deserve to be well. All of this self-sabotage can be found at a level of consciousness that is below their own self-awareness. A non-beneficial mental program running in the background of their consciousness calling the shots.


Non-Beneficial Energy

Spiritual Healing can help to clear many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to an array of health issues and life complaints. Spiritual healing addresses the spiritual and energetic level of a person, which includes their ancestor and genetic heritage, their soul’s past life timeline, and any unresolved trauma memories that they may have experienced from the womb to the present moment. It is all about energy and about transforming any non-beneficial energy into something more beneficial. Non-beneficial energy can adversely affect us.


Non-beneficial energy can be self-created due to our own self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotional pain. Other people’s negative energy can be absorbed into our energy systems and cause havoc with our state of mind and energy levels. We can be affected by an array of unseen energies, such as earthbound spirits and other kinds of spiritual interference. We can be affected by an accumulation of low vibration energies found in the workplace and in our home environment.


Along with all this, we still have our ancestor and genetic heritage and our soul’s history to contend with. These can include ancestor trauma memoires, past life trauma memories, and non-beneficial karmic agreements, vows, and curses that can still negatively influence our DNA and life experience. All of this non-beneficial energy can truly begin to weigh us down, it can drain our vital energy and interfere with our immune system, clarity of mind and creative power. The astonishing power of Spiritual Healing is able to help clear this accumulation of non-beneficial energy and transform it into vital health, balance, happiness and more.


To find out more about Joanne Brocas, and her spiritual healing work, books, webinars, workshops and online courses, visit joannebrocas.com

Joanne Brocas is a Bestselling Author and Spiritual Healer.

The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

Front Page Article in Psychic World Newspaper


The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing, is the process of connecting with and directing the cosmic healing forces of Creation that embody Infinite Love and Source Energy. It is a sincere form of co-creating with the Divine, on behalf of the person needing healing. This can be achieved by distance spiritual healing, via the intervention of specific heartfelt prayers, or by the application of hands-on spiritual healing. Both aspects of spiritual healing, work to help rebalance the vital energies of the physical body’s organs and systems, as well as making the necessary adjustments within a person’s mindset to bring greater harmony to their overall consciousness.


Everything is Energy

Science has long proved that everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Spiritual healing works in harmony with this scientific view in that non-beneficial energy can be transformed into something more beneficial. Spiritual healing is therefore sort in order to help neutralize any non-beneficial energy resonating within our cells, which is what creates dysfunction within the primary energy pattern of an organ, system, or body part that is in disarray. It then transforms this non-beneficial energy into vital energy, balance and harmony, which in turn is what restores soul power to our physical body to help it function optimally.


The Miraculous Power of Healing Prayer

Distance spiritual healing can best be described as petitioning divine intervention via prayer on behalf of the person seeking healing. No physical contact with another person is needed or required for distance spiritual healing to work. The connection is purely a spiritual and energetic one, a vibrational resonance with the person’s name and overall consciousness, which creates a specific frequency. Distance spiritual healing works and is made possible because energy can move faster than the speed of light, and it can also be transformed in an instant. Therefore, distance spiritual healing can be sent from one location to another in an instant via specific healing prayers. This can be thought of in a similar way as wifi signals and frequencies that are unseen and which move throughout the airways.


Born to Heal

At a very young age, I was spiritually aware of the ‘Light.’ I experienced spiritual and intuitive experiences throughout my childhood and could sense and communicate with angels and spirits. My conscious connection to the ‘Light’ strengthened greatly from my daily application of prayer that I was first introduced to in infant school. It was because of a specific childhood prayer that I loved and which mentioned the angels that my alignment to the angels of God, began. I prayed daily and nightly the same prayer until I learned to pray in new and other important ways.

At seventeen, I began my active spiritual unfoldment by attending a Christian Spiritualist Church, in Swansea, Wales. On my first evening there, the congregation happened to sing the childhood prayer that I had come to know and love. I knew deep within my heart and soul that this was a true spiritual sign that I was in the right place at the right time. From then till now, my daily prayer life has been the most important aspect of my spiritual healing unfoldment. After nearly three decades of spiritual progression, research and study, I have finally come to understand a deep insight about why people don’t heal and how they can.


Many Different Factors and Forces  

The truth is that there are many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to a person’s health issues and life complaints, which are too many to include here and so I will just cover a few. As a spiritual healer, I use my discernment and insight to uncover the probable root causes (there can be more than one) that need spiritual clearing and healing. After petitioning thousands of healing’s, I know that in order for a person to be more receptive to the healing forces, they must willfully want and be ready to receive a healing, as healing always means transformation and change.

This change is not only of the physical health condition, but also a change of the person’s overall consciousness. This will include transforming any limiting beliefs they may have.  Also, an emotional transformation, such as letting go of any trauma memories and emotional pain, maybe even the need for forgiveness. And always, a spiritual change of the person’s attitude, habits, perceptions, judgments and understanding. Change is not always easy, and many people are not quite ready to change.


Spiritual healing does not interfere with a person’s free will, soul challenges and karmic lessons, in order to make them well.


Other factors involved in a person’s persisting health issues can even include other timelines of existence. This can be unresolved trauma memories that continue on through the cellular memory of the family blood line, or through the soul’s akashic records (our spiritual DNA). This can be explained simply in the continuation of the human soul. Our ancestor’s timeline, and our soul history timeline therefore both influence our physical body’s DNA, in a variety of beneficial and non-beneficial ways.


True Accounts of Spiritual Healing

The good news is that Spiritual healing truly works, and it is permanent when the root cause is discerned, cleared, transformed, and healed. I have been blessed to co-create with the Divine Power in many miraculous distance spiritual healing’s, via the astonishing power of prayer. Fascinating documented results that include photographic evidence of immediate improvements that reveal a woman’s gaping leg wound starting to close-up within hours of receiving distance spiritual healing. This was after strong antibiotics and steroids had failed to work for the woman during nearly one year of medical treatment in which she was bedridden. After a few more distance spiritual healing treatments, her leg wound fully closed and she was able to walk again.


Another case that stands out is how a scheduled knee surgery was canceled after only one distance spiritual healing treatment was given to help correct the energetic dysfunction and to clear and transform the emotional resistance that was firmly imprinted within the knee, and all within the nick of time.

There are also some people who receive what is known as ‘instant healings.’ A lady recently received an instant healing from a chronic long-term condition. She had experienced chronic migraines for over 40, plus years, and was healed from only one distance spiritual healing treatment. No medical expert could discover a reason and cause for her weekly migraines. I discerned the underlying cause to be on her ancestor timeline among a few other issues. Spiritual healing was petitioned to clear all of this, and instant healing results occurred for her after all that time!

This is why no medical expert could discover the root cause because it was of spiritual origin and not a physical one. These stories truly reveal the remarkable power of prayer and spiritual healing.


Today, spiritual healing continues to advance and evolve in its understanding and intelligence. Collectively, we are being reawakened to its unlimited potential in accordance with our own evolution in consciousness. As we naturally unfold in our spiritual awareness, we are given further access to more powerful cosmic knowledge and spiritual understanding.

Joanne Brocas


Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas is a number one award winning and bestselling author. An acclaimed spiritual healer and tutor, she is the director of spiritual healing education and research for the ASSMPI. Joanne’s books have received incredible endorsements by medical doctors: Christiane Northrup, MD. C. Norman Shealy, M.D. And, Larry Dossey, M.D.

Joanne’s website is: www.joannebrocas.com




Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome


How to Spiritually & Energetically Help to Resolve Restless Leg Syndrome


Many people have asked me how they can help themselves to spiritually heal or at least ease their restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome is basically a condition where the legs become uncomfortable, often painful and very restless. Other terms are jumpy and achy legs and muscle cramping. Restless leg syndrome can leave a person feeling very irritable, tired and anxious.


As a spiritual healer, I work with the multidimensional energies of the body, mind, soul and Spirit. Therefore, while a person may also take a medical approach to this complaint, or take a nutritional or herbal approach to it; I only focus on an energetic and spiritual perspective to this issue. I do not give any kind of medical advice or expert nutritional/herbal advice as I am not a licensed doctor/herbal practitioner. I will give only good old fashioned common sense advice, combined with specifically created spiritual healing prayers and energy healing techniques that can help to deal with this issue.


Common Sense Advice


  • Limit your intake of coffee and caffeine before bed.
  • Walk daily or stretch and move your body more.
  • Connect with nature and breathe in fresh air.
  • Take nice warm baths to help relax your muscles.
  • Have a massage as this can help with circulation issues.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and increase your leafy greens.
  • Limit your intake of toxins from food, drink and products.
  • When you are emotionally off balance, do what you can to acknowledge your emotions and understand them, then be willing to release them and move on so that you can regain your inner peace and equilibrium. By doing this you will help to quickly rebalance your energies. When your body’s energies are inharmonious, spiritual healing is delayed because of the free will interference.


3 Powerful Spiritual Healing Prayers for Restless Legs

You can write out these prayers and say them daily as often as you intuitively desire until you no longer feel you need to do so.


Restless Leg Healing Prayer

“I ask my Higher-self and the Highest Forces of Divine Love and Light to immediately neutralize all non-beneficial energies that are interfering, causing or contributing to my restless leg pain. Eliminate the pain and resolve the root cause of the pain. Please transform this energy into healthy, happy legs. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


Genetic Healing Prayer

“I ask my Higher-self and the Highest Forces of Divine Love and Light to immediately locate, clear and resolve any genetic issues and causes that maybe the reason for my restless leg pain in this timeline. Transform this energy into spiritual freedom and healthy, happy legs. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


Collective Consciousness Healing Prayer

“I ask my Higher-self and the Highest Forces of Divine Love and Light to immediately neutralize any non-beneficial interference emerging from the collective consciousness belief in restless leg pain that maybe influencing me in my own pain. Please transform this limiting belief into happy, healthy legs. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


Heart Energy Balancing Prayer & Energy Exercise

Video of me showing you how to rebalance your energies. This is a great energy healing technique for the body’s circulation, for high blood pressure, to restore inner peace, and to help those with insomnia.

If you experience successful results from using these healing suggestions, then please do share them with me by leaving a comment or by emailing me direct, so that I can add your testimonial to the website to help others who are still suffering.



Light Language & Divine Light Codes

Light Language & Divine Light Codes

Let There Be Light


Light language is a very high frequency stream of sounds that carry specific light codes that can help to clear, resolve and readjust our soul’s multi-vibrational energies to help create positive shifts in our consciousness.


Divine Light Frequencies also carry specific light codes in their color rays/streams that do exactly the same thing through the downloading of powerful divine light intelligence. The light streams also radiate with every single attribute of our authentic divine nature, and so they help to act as a map of light consciousness to reach our pure divine light being heritage. Also known as our perfected higher-self, our soul star, our monad, and our pure divine spark of God, once removed from Source.

Receive & Transmit

Light language and divine light frequencies can be received by any human soul who is in spiritual harmony with the consciousness of a particular stream of light codes. They can then utilize or transmit these light codes for the benefit of themselves, others and nature.


It is important that a person obtain a high level of discernment in their spiritual work so not to be channeling fake energies and interference from other sources that are not of pure divine origin, but who claim to be so.

Discernment is best developed through consistent inner growth; through the direct experience gained from completing numerous client hours in private practice working with other’s energies; through developing a deep trust in one’s heart energy and own higher-self nature; and through the power of prayer and a harmonious re-alignment with unconditional love and Source. The path of spiritual study, meditation, contemplation and prayer, can lead to a balanced and developed intuitive nature.

The Divine Light Team

The divine light team is made up of very high vibrational illuminated light beings such as:

  • The Christ Light Consciousness
  • The Seven Archangels of Divine Light
  • The Holy Spirit of Source
  • Our own perfected Higher-Self/Soul Star/Divine Spark
  • Other pure Benevolent Light Beings from our Solar System


The readjustment of our multidimensional energies includes assistance from any of these illuminated Light beings that we are in particular harmony with. Their light codes stream through our higher-self nature to reach our consciousness and nervous system located anywhere in body, mind and spirit. Each part of us is multidimensional, and when one aspect of us is brought into greater harmony, then this positive change will immediately reverberate through all other dimensions of our being bringing us into a more perfected alignment with wholeness.

What needs Clearing?


Karma Drama

Karmic patterns can be located in any or all of our timelines of consciousness. Karma is also known as the spiritual law of cause and effect. For every misuse of energy we partake in, we also need to clear, correct and resolve it, so we can reach karmic neutral for spiritual and energetic balance.


Soul Timeline

Our soul timeline holds the complete records of our eternal existence and of all experiences that we have ever had since we first became an individual creative spark of light. Some therapists call this past life clearing or akashic records clearing. For every misuse of energy we partake in, we also need to clear, correct and resolve it, so we can reach karmic neutral and balance. I call this soul timeline our spiritual DNA. We are on a spiritual path of evolutionary consciousness and when we clear the karmic ties that bind us, then we will begin to grow in spiritual maturity and evolve our soul’s light and creative power.


Generational Memories 

Our ancestors often repressed their painful memories and were unable to resolve them, some of these get passed along in our spiritual DNA, and some are carried in our physical DNA. Also, some limiting beliefs and false perceptions also get carried into our consciousness, along with karmic bondage created from misdirected creative expression that can hold us back. Unless all of these patterns are resolved they can begin to play havoc and interference in our current time line of experience and with our health. We need to clear and resolve old ancestral memories and patterns that repeat and play out again in our current timeline.


Inner Healing

Our emotional and psychological issues interfere with our health and well-being in the present moment. They can stem from childhood (inner child), or even begin in utero, and will carry our painful memories and limiting beliefs in our consciousness as we age that cause numerous issues to manifest in our present timeline until they are completely resolved. Destructive habits and self-hatred are two such symptoms of the wounded inner child. Psyche is translated as Soul.


Spiritual Healing

Our soul is often in need of spiritual assistance so it can realign with our higher-self and the universal Divine Mind of Source. Through spiritual healing work we can help to release any earthbound spirit attachments and interference from a source that is not of pure origin. Spiritual healing, along with soul timeline healing, also includes healing work in removing old curses, vows, and misaligned false teachings; and can help to clear any deep spiritual pain that can cause a person to lose their will to live. Unconscious death wishes and depression is often the result of unresolved pain carried deep within the spiritual DNA that has saturated the spirit.


Physical Healing

The healing of the physical body. Helping to harmonize our body and mind with our higher-self and our perfect original divine design. We can do this through the re-patterning of the energies of our basic etheric grid with our perfect original divine design/blueprint, so that our newly tweaked etheric grid can then reflect and support this renewed creative design in our physical form. Thus our health and vitality improves.


God Goes Where Love Flows

The main task of the pure and radiant Divine Light Beings is to help you to reconnect with your own Higher-Self Nature and Divine Authority, so that you can begin to take greater charge of your consciousness. They spiritually help you to re-awaken and remember who you truly are. Their cosmic map of divine light frequencies will help to guide your consciousness to re-align with your perfect original divine design. You truly are a divine star. Light up your life today by taking greater vibrational charge of your miraculous body of Light.


If you are interested in discovering more about the cosmic divine power of ‘Spiritual Healing,’ then visit the link below <3

Spiritual Healing Online Course (SHL1)


The Seven Holy Archangels

The Seven Holy Archangels

The Seven Spirits of God

The Seven Holy Archangels are mentioned in the Book of Revelation as the ‘Seven Spirits of God.’

They are also mentioned in Rev. 4:5; “There were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.”


Joanne Brocas’ Mystical Interpretation

The Throne of God is symbolic of the ‘Heart of God.’ The lamps of fire burning before the throne can therefore be understood as follows:

The Seven Holy Archangels are the ‘Divine Light Frequencies/Rays/Flames/Lamps that originate from the very Heart/Presence of God to help to illuminate our individual consciousness to evolve our soul; to help light up our entire life experience; to help bring more of our higher-self nature into our daily life, and to help us to awaken and remember that we are an eternal divine spark of light from the One and only Power and the Light of Lights – God.

When we willfully decide to re-claim our glorious and magnificent light, we will truly begin to have and demonstrate dominion over all things! (Matter).


Angel Prayers

My brand new book, ‘Angel Prayers’ is an illuminating and inspirational A-Z Guide of very powerful Divine Light Prayers to help you in all your ways!



The Seven Divine Light Frequencies

The Seven Divine Light Frequencies

The Seven Rays of Light


First mention of the concept of the seven rays can be traced back to at least the 6th century BCE of the Aryan race in both the Western World and India.

Information about the rays appeared in early Western mystery traditions such as Gnosticism, and found in texts and the icon art of the Catholic Church from around the Byzantine era. They are also an aspect of the Hindu religious philosophy and Scripture dating back to at least the Vishnu Purana period, post Vedic era.




Beginning in the 19th century, the rays were modified by the likes of H.P. Blavatsky, which was then further developed later in the 19th century and early 20th century by C.W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and other influential authors.


Other Interesting Facts about the Rays


In ancient Greek Mythology it is said that the face of Taurus gleams with ‘seven rays of fire.’

The Chaldean Oracles convey the seven rays as seven purifying agents of Helios.

It is said that seven rays represent the planets.

In Christian art the dove of the Holy Spirit/Ghost is often shown emanating with seven rays.

The Monastery of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai shows the transfiguration of Christ with seven rays of light shinning from His luminous body.

The St Lewis Cathedral in Missouri has an engraved circle with symbols of the Holy Trinity, and the inscription from this circle reads: “Radiating from this symbol are seven rays of light representing the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.”