Ear Problem Healing Testimonial

Ear Problem Healing Testimonial



My name is Sandy Ingham,

I reached out to Joanne Brocas for a distance spiritual healing treatment because after numerous long haul flights, I was struggling with a protracted ear drum, which caused not only partial deafness, but extremely debilitating vertigo, a condition which effectively rendered me unable to function.

My Doctor indicated it could take months to correct itself……

I knew of the incredible spiritual healing of Joanne Brocas and I reached out to ask her for help. The effect of the distance spiritual healing, Joanne did for me was stunning!

Within hours I felt strange activity in my ears, it felt like for all the world like my ear was getting air blown through it.

Within 24 hours, I am completely normal again, my mind ‘reconnected,’ my deafness gone, and I am on top of the world again.

Joanne Brocas and her Divine Healing Team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Sandy Ingham (Psychic Artist & Medium)


Vertigo Healing Testimonial

Vertigo Healing Testimonial

Vertigo Healing Testimonial 


My name is Renee,

I have vertigo, head and neck pain and requested a distance spiritual healing from Joanne Brocas.

Within one day, I noticed much less fatigue and NO pain. The following morning, I had a vertigo test. My vertigo has been reduced to just a few minutes in the morning.

I have no pain today and feel so very grateful to Joanne.

Thank you for the relief Joanne,

Update: (Within a few days of the healing). Joanne this is an update for you on my status post-treatment: The vertigo has resolved! I have had no further symptoms since Saturday.

Thank you so much Joanne