Wound Healing Testimonial

Wound Healing Testimonial

Wound Healing Testimonial 


My name is Zoe, and this is a picture of my leg wound that would not heal,

I fractured my left leg July 2015, and had surgery to repair it with plates and pins. Infection set in and after 3 months of antibiotics, the infection was still there. With further surgery, they had to cut away four and a half inches of infected skin and tissue, and then they also discovered an infection had made its way into my bone.

I have been on antibiotics since August last year with no healing improvements at all. It is now one year later and I still had the infection in my bone and the wound in my leg failed to close/repair and heal. I have been in constant pain with my leg and bedridden for one year.

Here is a picture of my wound that I sent to Joanne Brocas on June 1st, when she agreed to do a few distance healing treatments for me. Within one treatment I was absolutely amazed at the results. The swelling immediately reduced, the pain immediately lessoned. And within days, the infection and my open wound began healing.

After a few more distance healing treatments from Joanne, I am overjoyed to say that my wound has practically closed. I am also out of pain and out of bed and I can walk about again for the first time in over a year. Joanne has helped me to get my life back.

Joanne Brocas has helped me more than I could have imagined.

If you need help and you have lost hope, then contact Joanne today as she truly helped my leg to heal.

Thank you so much Joanne,

Zoe Mchilhagga