Children Absorb Parents Stress

Babies and small children are energetically immersed within their parent’s auras (especially their mother) and will absorb many of the dominant stresses that the mother consciously or unconsciously has, feels and thinks about on a regular basis. Evidence collected from scientific minds has discovered that this can happen from as early on as the baby being in the mother’s womb.

The continuous low-vibe accumulation of the parent’s energetic stress upon the child’s own energies will then begin to adversely affect the child’s nervous system. 

Their physical body will begin to produce a chemical reaction (flight/flight/freeze) response. This will create a continuous underlying stress frequency of fear and shock energy to the child’s entire system so that they become highly-alert and reactive to their environment. The manifested result of this can cause disharmony with their physical health and wellbeing. Unable to sleep for long periods, consistently crying, not great at digesting food, rashes, temperature, earache, stomach ache, and many other physical symptoms, etc. This is how sensitive a child’s energies are! 

An energy clearing of the child’s bedroom can help to clear the adverse energetic effects of the child’s environment upon them. An energy clearing of the child is a gentle process and this can help to clear the adverse energetic effects of their parents stress energy upon them. Both kinds of energy clearing’s can help to calm the child’s nervous system, support their heart/soul energies and can help to restore harmony back to their overall system which is what supports their physical health and wellbeing.

Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive Energy Expert, #1 Best-selling Author of Angel Prayers

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