Children Absorb Parents Stress

          A baby (and small children) are immersed energetically within their parent’s aura (especially their mothers) and will absorb many of the dominant stresses that the mother consciously or unconsciously has, feels and thinks about on a regular basis. Evidence collected from scientific minds has discovered that this can happen from as early on as the baby being in the mother’s womb.

The continuous low-vibe accumulation of the parent’s energetic stress upon the child’s own energies will then begin to adversely affect the child’s nervous system. 

Their physical body will begin to produce a chemical reaction (flight/flight/freeze) response. This will create a continuous signal of fear and shock energy to the child’s entire system so that they become highly-alert and reactive to their environment. The manifested result of this can cause disharmony with their physical health and wellbeing. Unable to sleep for long periods, consistently crying, not great at digesting food, rashes, temperature, earache, stomach ache, and many other physical symptoms, etc. This is how sensitive a child’s energies are.

The medical doctors often don’t know what the cause of their problem is, and so they will try different types of medication for the problem in the hope of a cure. 

Medication however, often interferes with the child’s physical body patterns, rhythms and vital energy, and therefore, the body’s natural ability to heal itself becomes greatly out of sync. This is because the root of the problem is an energetic one rather than a physical one (although it has produced physical problems in the body). Medication may help to relieve symptoms of the child’s problems, but to clear the root cause of the issue (being an energetic one), then a spiritual and energetic solution is what’s required.
A Clearing Treatment can help to clear the adverse energetic effects of the child’s environment upon them, as well clearing the non-beneficial stress energies originating from both parents. This will help to restore greater energetic balance, will help to calm the child’s nervous system, and will assist the child’s body to do what it’s naturally created to do (maintain a healthy system) in order to stay vitally well!
There are also some beneficial things that you as a parent can do to help support the health and vitality of your child as follows:
  • Your child will greatly benefit from you being as positive about life in general as best you can be. Due to the precious soul-bond you share with each other, they are intuitively aware of your real unconscious fears and opinions, so it’s not about you pretending to be positive, it’s more about you doing your best to improve your attitude, opinions and outlook about: other people, about yourself, about situations, about your health, about your child’s health, and about your life experience in general. Not only will you help your child, you will also greatly help yourself because you will automatically begin to shift your vibrational frequency into a much faster one, which means you will begin to attain and express more Light. More Light means that you will attract and create more beneficial experiences.
  • Your child will positively react to you affirming daily (within your mind and out loud to them) that they are healthy, safe and well. As well as letting them know that they are much loved (although the love-part you probably already do). Positive affirmations will set-up healthy mind patterns for them that will serve them well as an adult.
  • What you as a parent keep your focus upon will begin to expand and grow in your life. This is the perfect manifested result of God’s mental and spiritual laws. If you keep your focus upon stress and upon everything that’s wrong in your life, and wrong with your health and with your child’s health (because you already observe this as being true for you), then this will continue to grow for you, and you will always feel stuck at some level until you make a mind/soul change. 
  • If you begin to focus upon things as always getting better for you, and with you being positive as best you can be, and by having daily gratitude for what is already good within your life, as well as always expecting things to improve for you (before you actually come to see any signs of improvements in your life), then you will soon come to notice beneficial shifts happening. New opportunities will come, provision will come, guidance will come, health will come, vitality will come, and everything that you need to overcome your struggles and create a more fulfilling life experience. 
  • You will be amazed at just how much creative power you have to overcome any struggles and challenges when you understand and gain more knowledge and truth.
  • It really is all about the quality of your consciousness.
Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Best-selling Author of Angel Prayers

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