The Ministry of Christian Angels

The ministry of angels and the study of angels – otherwise known as angelology, can truly help us human souls in all our ways. Christian angels are mentioned nearly three hundred times in the Bible, and their ministry is extremely important to us. Father Renzo Lavatori, a highly recognized and top Italian Priest, is an experienced ‘angelologist and demonologist,’ who says that a belief in angels has grown enormously in recent years, and that this is a trend he attributes to a modern Christianity.

Forces of Good

Surrounding us are forces of good, and it is about time that we begin to acknowledge these divine holy forces instead of placing our emphasis on so-called evil powers. There is only ‘One Power’ and this is the Divine Power of God. There cannot be a separate power because there is only ONE. The forces of evil can, therefore never overpower this One Power because they too are from this original source – they have simply fallen from God’s Grace. They have also tried unsuccessfully to attempt to establish their own separate power with no avail. God’s love, divine light, and divine protection will always prevail.

Christian Angels and Psalm 91:11

The Christian Bible says, “He will give His angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways.” Psalm 91:11. Angels really do exist and they are just as real in consciousness as you and I. They are typically unseen to our physical senses, although they can take on the appearance of human form if necessary, and this is usually so when a celestial act of divine intervention is called for. They have very refined celestial bodies of divine light. You will intuitively know when you are in the presence of an angel because you will feel the divine love they emit from their magnificent angelic form all around you.

Christian Angels are therefore very real and they do not belong to the realms of fairy tales and mythology. They are a divine source of comfort, strength and protection for billions of people worldwide. Angels play an extraordinary and crucial role to help serve mankind. They are holy divine messengers who bring us God’s love, guidance, protection, and direction whenever we reach out to a higher power for spiritual assistance. The divine power of Heaven is always willing to help us, and God’s holy angels always work in agreement with divine truth and divine love, and under the will of God.

Christian Angels and The Song of Creation

The first order and highest choir of angels in the celestial heavenly hierarchy are the mighty and spectacular Seraphim. They are known to ceaselessly chant and sing “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His Glory.” This glorious song of celebration is also a song of Creation. It is the primary source of the Divine Love vibration that resonates with the creative aspect of life. The prophet Isaiah was said to see flaming angels above the Throne of God. “Each had six wings: Two covered the face, two covered the feet and two were used for flying.” As you can see, God’s Holy Christian Angels not only assist us as human souls in our physical lives, but they also work at maintaining the glorious vibration of God’s remarkable Creation. Angels Exist.

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