Clearing Negative Thoughts

Are negative thoughts, opinions, perceptions and judgements about yourself, about others, and about the world getting you down? Check out this amazing, easy and powerful energy clearing technique to help you clear negative thoughts and their energetic creative effects in your body and life experience. This spiritual technique will help you to return to love and align with the Light of Universal Divinity, so that you can rise above irrational fear and feel more inner peace and joy.

Take charge of your energy today – the past is gone, the future hasn’t manifested yet, and the present holds the power of new beginnings!

  • Love yourself
  • Bless others
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Let go of resentment
  • Free yourself of guilt
  • Think more harmonious thoughts that are loving, kind and supporting about yourself, about others and about the world
  • Be genuinely happy for other people’s good news and blessings in their lives and you will truly thrive by opening the door to your own

Just adding these suggestions into your life will immediately begin to create beneficial energetic shifts that bring you greater freedom.

Clear Spirit online course

Joanne Brocas
Author: Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Best-selling Author

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