Clear Spirit Pre-Recorded Webinar with Joanne

Launching January 2018 

More Information Coming Soon!


Clear Your Energy, Home & Life 

Join Joanne on this exciting pre-recored Clear Spirit webinar where you will discover how to clear the energy of yourself, others, pets and  your home/environment. Joanne will introduce you to powerful spiritual healing prayers, show you how to clearly align to Source energy, and intuitively connect with your energy in order to help initiate specific energetic shifts, to clear any resistance in your fields, and to bring your spiritual and energetic anatomy into greater balance.


  • Joanne will introduce you to specific healing prayers and guide you how to clear the following:
  • Clear the non-benefical energy (from other people and the environment).
  • Clear the energetic shock/charge still held in your cells, due to any trauma you have experienced from years ago (this can be from the womb to the present moment).
  • Clear any Past Life Trauma Memories you may have.
  • Clear any Ancestor Trauma Memories you may have.
  • Clear any non-benefical karmic agreements you may have.
  • Clear any Spiritual Interference you may have (earthbound spirits, curses, etc.)
  • Clear any EMF’s due to an overload of the non-benefical effects of technology.


Webinar Fee Only $99

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