Cough Healing Testimonial 


My name is Sheila,

I contacted Joanne Brocas for a distance spiritual healing about my annoying persistent cough that I haven’t been able to shift since Christmas (6 months).

Medication from the Doctors never helped to alleviate it and I was losing hope that I would be stuck with this irritating cough. 

Joanne explained that the medication was only prescribed to treat the symptom of the cough and the actual cause of my particular cough was emotional related, so it was never going to totally heal it. 

Joanne cleared my energy of deep emotional pain that contributed to my 6 month-old daily annoying cough, and within 24hrs the results were amazing. 

After 3 days, it has practically gone with just a very weak and faint reminder of it now and again. Joanne explained this is the habit/memory of the cough that will soon disperse. I am delighted. 

I am so grateful to Joanne as now I can talk on the phone to my clients without constantly coughing.

Thank you, Joanne,

Sheila Colaluca (Accountant)