Introducing the Spiritual Healing L1 Online Course

with Joanne Brocas


Health is a Blended Balance of all Aspects of our Being – Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

We are Multidimensional Beings

What this Spiritual Healing Course can do for you!


  • Increase your confidence in your ability to help yourself and others to heal (loved ones/friends).
  • Offer you practical and powerful information on healing that truly works.


The SHL1 online course is considerably detailed and also straight to the point, as I will share with you powerful healing prayers and real working energetic techniques and knowledge that can truly help you to heal yourself and others.

How do I know this? Simple – the evidence speaks for itself. The testimonials and feed back from people having received spiritual healing has revealed astonishing successful results, and at times truly miraculous ones. You can read about these amazing results by visiting the testimonial page of my website.


Seven Enlightening Lessons

Each of the seven individual lessons has a video tutorial as well as plenty of theory work. You can go back to each lesson as much as you want, and watch the videos as much as you want. You can take as long as you need to finish the course. You will have your own login details and dashboard in order to go to the course lessons whenever you have time. This is a wonderful course that is perfectly suitable and adaptable to your own lifestyle needs.


What you will discover on this inspirational spiritual healing course:

  • I will reveal to you the exact process of distance spiritual healing work that I use, in Lesson Seven.
  • You will discover how to co-create with the Highest Forces of Divine Light & your own Divine Healing Team.
  • You will be able to give your loved ones/friends a wonderful hands-on spiritual healing treatment in a chair or on a healing couch.
  • You will be introduced to powerful self-healing prayers in order to help you transform your vibrational frequency and consciousness.
  • You will discover how to work with advanced spiritual clearing prayers.
  • You will be able to check through a detailed list of many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to our health issues and life problems.
  • And so much more!


The SHL1 Online Course is Accredited by the ASSMPI, to the Bronze Seal Level. Certification by Joanne Brocas, is given to the student upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements.


Joanne’s healing books have been supported and endorsed by the following licensed medical doctors:

  • MD. Christiane Northrup – New York Times Bestselling Author of ‘Goddesses Never Age’
  • MD. C. Norm Shealy – New York Times Bestselling Author with Caroline Myss of ‘The Creation of Health’
  • MD. Larry Dossey – Bestselling Author of ‘One Mind’

Who all recognize the importance of including the soul with its spiritual and energetic anatomy in physical body healing (Wholeness).


The SHL1 Course fee is only $175 – You can begin right now by clicking on the button below. I look forward to spiritually connecting with you!


Important Note: Once you have purchased the SHL1 Online Course, I have to login to verify your email address before you will be able to gain access to Lesson One. Please have some patience during this process. I may be in the middle of a distance healing, or teaching a healing workshop, or just out and away from my home computer, and so I will be unable to verify you immediately. However, within a few hours or so, once I am able to get online, I will verify you. Thank you for your patience. The SHL1 Online Course has the most wonderful understanding students.

The blending of Science and Spirituality together will help to bring us astonishing evolutionary results and steps forward in expanded consciousness. Joanne Brocas

spiritual healer

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