Introducing the Spiritual Healing L2 Online Course


Spiritual Healing Level 2 will help you to:

  • Increase your spiritual healing knowledge and amplify your creative power in order to help yourself and others to rebalance the body’s energies, overcome persisting health issues, and heal.
  • Have further access to even more spiritual healing prayers, exercises and energetic techniques for dealing with specific health issues and conditions.
  • Offer you practical information on creating your own healing practice, including the marketing and promotion of your personalized spiritual healing service.


Five Enlightening Lessons


Lesson One: Launching your Spiritual Healing Practice.

Lesson Two: Energy Testing the Ancestor & Past Life Timelines & Developing Spiritual Discernment.

Lesson Three: Trauma Healing Prayers & Heart Energy Expansion. 

Lesson Four: Mediumship Lessons with Jock Brocas.

Lesson Five: Healing Circle Development, Prayers & Exercises.


Each of the five individual lessons has some videos and written tutorial. You can go back to each lesson as much as you want, and you can watch the videos as much as you want. You can take as long as you need to finish the course. Just like you did with the SHL1 online course, you will have your own login details and dashboard in order to go to the course lessons whenever you have time. This is a wonderful course that is perfectly suitable and adaptable to your own lifestyle needs.

All Spiritual Healing Homework needs to be sent directly to myself:

Lesson One is the longest so please take your time. There will be a two week wait between lessons for you to keep working on information and guidance within each lesson.

You can email me at anytime with any questions you may have.


The SHL2 Online Course is Accredited by the ASSMPI, to the Silver Seal Level. Certification by Joanne Brocas, is given to the student upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements.


The SHL2 Course fee is only $375

You can begin right now by clicking on the button below. I look forward to spiritually connecting with you!

The blending of Science and Spirituality together will help to bring us astonishing evolutionary results and steps forward in expanded consciousness. Joanne Brocas

spiritual healer

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