Clear Spirit

New Book & Online Course

Clear Spirit
New Book & Online Course 2021


Clear Spirit is a book and online course about the life changing power of Energy Clearing.The book and online course addresses my own creative style of energy clearing knowledge and practical techniques for clearing and harmonizing the energy of our home environment, ourselves and others.

Included in the book and online course are a few of my amazingly powerful “Clear Spirit Prayer Treatments” that help to transform our consciousness to harmonize us with absolute love, harmony and abundance. We really are unlimited, creative beings of Light!


Your home is an energetic extension of you. If your home is harmonious, happy and healthy, then it will be in a good state of energetic balance and will support your own vital energies, health and happiness.

If your home is out of balance, unhappy and stressed – geo-pathic stress and many others kinds of energetic stress, then it will be in a detrimental state of energetic disarray. It will feel and be out of balance and this can be a detriment to our health, energy levels and wellbeing.


Clear Spirit will help you to clear and rebalance the energy of your home/property to help bring greater energetic balance, harmony and joy back to the household.

Every House Clearing treatment will also include personal clearing’s for each family member. This enables the home and the family members to come into energetic balance and a higher state of resonance. Results can bring healing changes and new beginnings.  


An accumulation of non-beneficial energies contained within the atmosphere of your home or business environment can adversely affect your own health and the wellbeing of all who live in the home and all who spend time at the business premises. Family arguments, overwhelm, stress, business problems and more can be the result of imbalanced, congested and noxious energies.


How do you know if your Home or Business Premises would benefit from having a distance Spiritual Clearing?

You often feel fatigued, overly sensitive and run down when you spend time there.

You feel depressed and emotional for no apparent reason that you can think of.

Arguments and conflict among the family members in the home or amongst the staff in the business.

Unable to sell the house when other houses of the same price and condition are selling ok.

Unable to sell the business due to spiritual and energetic interference.

The business doesn’t seem to improve and is unable to attain a certain level of success. (It may be affected by the energies of any previous businesses that went bankrupt.

Spiritual Clearings in the home and business environment will help to keep the energy of the home/business in a greater state of energetic balance and equilibrium to help support all who live and visit there. Distance and location being no limitation as Joanne has helped many people’s homes and business based at different areas around the world


Coming soon – info on personal clearings for self, family, pets and situations.

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