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Clear Spirit - New Book & Online Course  2021


Clear Spirit is my amazing new book about the life changing power of energy clearing. I’ve also created an online course that addresses my own unique creative style of ‘energy clearing’ covering expert knowledge and practical techniques for clearing and harmonizing the energy of our home/work environments, ourselves and others.

Included in the book and the online course are a few of my spiritually powerful “Clear Spirit Prayer Treatments” that help to transform our consciousness to harmonize us with the universal energies of absolute Divinity, love, harmony and abundance. We really are unlimited Beings of Light!


Raymon Grace, Master Dowser & Healer says the following about my book Clear Spirit!

“If you want to understand various forms of energy, this is a good book to read as Joanne has done an excellent job of explaining them. She has expanded upon the phrase, ‘Energy Follows Thought’.” Raymon Grace


The energy of your home is an energetic extension of you. If your home environment is harmonious, happy and healthy, then it will be in a good state of energetic resonance and it will support your vital energies, health and happiness – including all family members and pets.

If your home atmosphere and environment has any geo-pathic stress, psychic stress, and many other kinds of energetic issues, then it will be in a discordant and inharmonious state of energetic disarray. It will feel and be out of balance and this can be a detriment to your health, energy levels, wellbeing, joy and abundance.


Your business is an energetic extension of you! Your business premises/property may also contain etheric patterns of previous business stress, financial loss and bankruptcy. An energy clearing treatment of your business genre and the premises/property can help you to go to the next level of business success.


Our physical health, wellbeing, and vital energy levels are all affected by the condition and influence of our energy bodies, energy fields, energy centers and energy pathways upon our overall vibration. Other people’s energies, the energies resonating within our home/work environment and the energies of the surrounding area (among many of factors and forces) can also impact our vibrational resonance. Our bio-auric field can become congested with an accumulation of these different kinds of energies. This congestion can weaken the flow of energy to all systems in our spiritual and energetic anatomy, which can then stress our nervous system, can compromise our immune system, and can interfere with our physical equilibrium. A personal energy clearing/spiritual healing treatment can help to clear, correct and resolve these energetic issues in order to rebalance and harmonize our spiritual and energetic anatomy to help support our vital health, increase our energy levels, restore our joy and amplify our soul’s creative power!

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