Protecting Your Energy

Here is a very powerful ‘energy medicine technique’ to help you quickly protect your energies from any destructive energies in the environment, and from the negative energies of other people.

What Drains Our Vitality! 

Fluorescent lighting can especially drain our vitality as does spending too much time on and near our computer and cell/mobile phones. When our vitality is drained, our immune system loses power and our body becomes vulnerable to illness, viruses, and disease. Depression, irritability, and aches and pains can also result from a continuous disturbance of low energy. 

Easy to Use Energy Technique – The Zip UP

This is such an easy but potent exercise to do that you can even teach it to your little ones. All you need to do is to move the flat palm of your hand directly up the center line of your body as you take a deep breath in, beginning at the lowest point near your pelvis and moving it right up to go past your face and above your head, so that your palm faces the heavens, then release your breath out of your mouth. “Do not touch your body,” make sure you are at least 3, inches away from the midline of your body. Do this exercise 3, times and then finish. You are naturally pulling up your energies and helping to zip up your bio-auric field to protect you from any detrimental unseen influences.

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