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This page provides you with free spiritual healing help in order to help yourself heal.


Joanne is delighted to offer you this spiritual and energetic support and guidance for you to take charge of your own energies and to improve the overall quality of your consciousness. Keep checking back as more Spiritual Healing insight and support will be added here.



  • A free 30-minute video recording of Joanne helping you to understand your vital energy
  • Karmic Clearing Prayer (included in the video recording)
  • Spiritual Polarity Exercise (included in the video recording)
  • Spiritual Healing Articles (for you to gain deeper insight and understanding)
  • Spiritual Healing Prayer Videos
  • Spiritual Healing Insight Tips


By taking soul responsibility to make the necessary internal changes in consciousness, you will immediately begin to empower your energy systems to encourage vital health and wellbeing.

Free Recording for Spiritual Healing Help 

The video talk includes a powerful spiritual healing prayer for you and a spiritual healing polarity exercise that will help you to immediately rebalance your energies. This is very beneficial towards healing your persisting health issues.

Listen to Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Guidance

The video recording offers you powerful healing insight and knowledge. It includes a spiritual healing exercise, plus a karmic clearing prayer to help you continue along your path of self-healing.

You can listen to the recording as often as you are intuitively drawn too, and use the spiritual polarity exercise daily. You will soon come to notice beneficial changes emerge within your physical body and life experience.

Video Password is: spirit1 (all lowercase)



Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Prayer Videos


Heart Energy Rebalancing Prayer & Energy Exercise

Disappointment Clearing Prayer  

Disappointment Healing Prayer

A Disappointment Spiritual Clearing/Healing Prayer just for you. <3As human souls, we often encounter situations where we feel deeply disappointed, let down and hurt. This disappointment has an energetic charge that can interfere with our vital energy, health and happiness.It can lower our vibrational frequency so that we lack the creative power to create and attract to us our deepest dreams and desires.This powerful Spiritual Clearing Prayer aligns you with your Higher-Self and Source Energy to make beneficial spiritual healing changes within your entire system. Say if for yourself with an understanding that you can clear energy and transform it. Energy follows intention and thought!It is in the clearing of the energetic charge of disappointment that will help to free you from feeling stuck in certain areas of your life. Maybe you have been disappointed in areas of Love. Maybe you have been disappointed in areas of career, or even financial disappointment. Maybe you felt disappointed because what you were truly hoping for never came to pass.Whatever it is that disappointed you, know that you no longer need to be stuck in this old limiting vibration. You can take back your soul power today by co-creating with the Light of your Higher-self & Source to make beneficial changes that will empower your health, vitality and your overall life experience. You have the Power to Heal! <3Blessings

Posted by Distance Spiritual Healing by Joanne Brocas on Monday, October 30, 2017

Overall Rebalancing Prayer


Impromptu Video of me Talking about Spiritual Healing

Posted by Distance Spiritual Healing by Joanne Brocas on Saturday, January 13, 2018

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