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This page provides you with free spiritual healing help in order to help yourself heal. Joanne is delighted to offer you spiritual and energetic support and guidance for you to take charge of your own energies and to improve the overall quality of your consciousness. 


You will receive:

  • A free pre-recorded distance spiritual healing treatment done for you by Joanne
  • A free 30 minute video recording of Joanne helping you to understand your vital energy
  • Karmic Clearing Prayer (included in the video recording)
  • Spiritual Polarity Exercise (included in the video recording)
  • Spiritual Healing Articles (for you to gain insight and understanding)
  • Spiritual Healing Prayers
  • And much more………


By taking soul responsibility to make the necessary internal changes in consciousness, you will immediately begin to empower your energy systems to encourage vital health and wellbeing.

What if you don’t feel any different after the Healing?

There are many reasons for why some people heal and others have delays or don’t! Please read the following:


Let’s say that you have had your spiritual healing treatment and you don’t feel any difference whatsoever. Why can this be? And, especially because you have noticed loads of other people testifying to a range of beneficial improvements – from Instant Healings – to simply feeling lighter, brighter, more energized and with less pain.

The first thing for you to understand is that if you have received a spiritual healing treatment with myself, then you will have received a spiritual healing at some level of your being, often in the unconscious and more subtle levels. This will always be in harmony with your own soul’s Higher-Self agreement, who is in control of your healing. Your Higher-self has to work in harmony with your own free will and your level of consciousness, which includes your limiting beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, actions, and understanding. The spiritual healing will continue to process for a person in the coming weeks and often months after they have received it, and so sometimes people need to be more gentle with themselves while they keep a level of patience. Gratitude, to the ‘Light of Infinite Love’ for helping you, will also empower your spiritual healing.

Whenever I do anyone’s spiritual healing treatment, I can only clear and work with what their consciousness presents to me at that time and is happy to let go of. I can’t force a spiritual healing upon them, and I can’t will them to be healed. I simply hold the space and the Light, and I direct the spiritual healing forces for them. One spiritual healing treatment may not be enough for you at this time, while for others, one healing treatment does the complete job. Read the following example:

One of my clients experienced an instant healing of her blocked arteries, which enabled her to forego an operation that the surgeon had suggested. Medical science could not explain the reason for such a significant clearing of her arteries. Only one distance spiritual healing treatment was given to my client and her consciousness was totally ready to receive it. On the other hand, another client of mine needed at least eight or nine spiritual healing/clearing treatments to overcome very chronic insomnia. She had experienced this chronic insomnia for a period of nearly one year due to a very traumatic divorce experience. After trying medical assistance which didn’t help her, she finally reached out to me after nearly one year of sleeplessness. Her emotional pain was deep and was interfering with her ability to sleep. She wasn’t able to immediately let go of her anger, pain, sadness, grief, guilt, blame, hate and other detrimental thoughts and emotions in only one healing treatment. She continued on with the spiritual healing/clearings for a period of six weeks to eight weeks, and finally, enough was cleared from her (the adverse energetic charges of her thoughts, attitude, and her emotional pain upon her system), so that her consciousness gained a certain level of inner peace. She was then able to sleep in a normal natural routine.

With the previous two examples of instant healing and longer term healing, maybe you need to consider that you simply aren’t ready to let go of everything just yet. There is nothing wrong with this as everyone exists at different levels of consciousness and has different levels of expectation, beliefs and trauma energies. Trauma memories/energies will only come to the surface to be cleared and healed when a person is truly ready to let go. If you are not ready to let go, then I will be unable to help clear their adverse energetic charges completely. A little may clear, and then more the next time, and so on until you feel a significant shift in your whole being.

Chronic health issues can often take time to heal. People’s energies are deeply entwined in them. They don’t get themselves into the mess they do with their health issues and life complaints overnight. It can be many years in the making before they even notice physical signs and symptoms begin to emerge as manifestations of health issues and daily life problems, and blocks to them moving forward.


Doubt can affect your level of Receptivity

Maybe, you also need to consider that you may have some doubts in the actual process of spiritual healing (which can also be unconscious to you). Especially if you haven’t experienced a spiritual healing treatment before and therefore you don’t really understand how it works. This can cause you to lack confidence in your own ability to be healed. It affects your level of receptivity to allowing the healing to take place. There are many underlying reasons for why you can interfere with and delay your own healing and the most prevalent ones are revealed in this entire article. The truth however is that Spiritual Healing always works at some level of your consciousness and the more you begin to let go, AND, you also do the necessary inner clearing work (addressing your dominant thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behavior etc.), you will naturally help to make yourself more receptive to the healing forces. In doing so, you will soon notice beneficial changes and improvements.

A healing is a healing and it is never a missed opportunity for spiritual growth. A healing enables you to address your own consciousness and to take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and actions. If none of these are in harmony with love, peace and joy, then you will have discord with your health and in your life. This is why it is important to listen to the recording I have made for you on this page to help you continue with your spiritual healing – just add in the password shown below the video. A spiritual healing treatment assists you in helping you to help yourself. It doesn’t do all the work for you without any effort on your part. A spiritual healing treatment will often empower you on the mental and spiritual levels to be able to address emotional issues (trauma memories) that are important and need to be faced and let go of in order for your healing to take place.

A healing can also include a need for you to make significant physical daily life changes: These include evaluating how happy and fulfilled you are in your: Job/Career/Relationship/Home Environment and your Daily life routine? Do you have enough rest? Do you do anything to help yourself relax? Do you take time out for fun? Do you exercise and move your body? Do you keep yourself hydrated? Do you eat a balanced nutritional diet? All of these things affect your vital energy levels and the power of your immune system.


Blocked Creative Expression

Another thing that can block, delay and even prevent your healing is when you block your own soul’s natural creative expression. Your creative expression is intimately connected to your joy. If you are sad, depressed and lack joy, then you will now know that at some level, you have blocked the natural creativity of your human soul to be able to express who you truly are. This is when you need to contemplate on what your natural innate talents are, and upon moving towards the creation of your heartfelt dreams. Your soul desires to add its ‘Light’ to the World, and when you begin to do this, then you will naturally increase the radiant joy of your soul within your heart, mind, body and life. Here are some important spiritual healing affirmations you can say daily in order to help clear the resistance to your blocked creativity and to support your healing treatment:



Your Beliefs

People who are not as receptive to those who experience instant healing’s, often have unconscious beliefs that can sabotage their ability to heal. Three of the most detrimental beliefs are:

  1. I am not worthy of healing
  2. I deserve to be punished
  3. God has abandoned me

These are often unconscious to you and their adverse energies run deep. Here are some important spiritual healing affirmations to help you clear these discordant beliefs and to support your healing treatment.



Soul Challenge

It is also possible you are experiencing a soul challenge for the purpose of UNDERSTANDING, and once you have gained a certain level of perspective and understanding, then you will begin to naturally become more receptive to the healing.

A soul challenge will often lead you to a place where you have developed a certain strength of character needed for you to complete the Life Purpose that is in your heart and soul. Once you have gained what you need and require from this specific soul challenge, then you will begin to heal. Please read the article about how understanding helps you to heal, which will be added to this page shortly.


Beneficial Suggestions to help you Heal

So, if you are fully committed to helping yourself heal, then there is much that you can do to aid the receptivity of your previous spiritual healing treatment and any further ones you choose to have. Here are my suggestions:


  • Read through and contemplate the material on this page often because when you do, NEW levels of understanding will ignite within you. This immediately shifts your energies towards receptivity. (It can sometimes take time before something sinks in).
  • Listen to the video recording and do the prayer and exercise that I have given you within the video, to help yourself. Again, this will enable you to shift your energies and become more receptive to your healing.
  • Do the spiritual healing affirmations included in this article, and any that you are intuitively guided to do, as this will help to replace your old limiting thoughts/beliefs that no longer serve your greatest good.
  • Get yourself peaceful and check within yourself if you have any discordant energy upon any person or situation in your life. If so, then this is a big clue to you where your healing is being resisted. Are you ready to let go, to forgive maybe? The choice is yours, but any forgiveness you do is for your own amazing benefit. Guilt and un-forgiveness often causes physical pain in the body.
  • Read my books, read other people’s books, write your own book, if your soul expression is leading you in this direction in order to tap into your creative expression. This suggestion simply means that you continue to help yourself by studying, researching and becoming more self-aware in order to help yourself continue to spiritually evolve and awaken to more of your own glorious Light.
  • Ask yourself: What does my soul desire?
  • Ask yourself: What would I do if I didn’t allow fear to control my choices?
  • Remember, you are an amazing spiritual being of Love, Light and Life. This is your natural state. It is God’s Will for you to be healthy and happy. Your natural state of being is one of Divine Perfection. When you begin to clear everything away from you that is not in harmony with your natural state – then, WOW! You will HEAL……………………………

Spiritual Healing Guidance

Listen to Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Guidance

The video recording offers you powerful healing insight and knowledge. It includes a spiritual healing exercise plus a karmic clearing prayer to help you continue along your path of self-healing.

You can listen to the recording as often as you are intuitively drawn too, and use the spiritual exercise daily. You will soon come to notice beneficial changes emerge within your physical body and life experience.

Video Password is: spirit1 (all lowercase)



Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Prayer Videos


Heart Energy Rebalancing Prayer & Energy Exercise

Overall Rebalancing Prayer


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