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Joanne Brocas is an expert Healer, Intuitive and the #1 Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers.

With 3 decades of healing experience, Joanne has created her Clear Spirit Healing System, along with her widely popular 5 Minute Prayers, especially tailored towards helping you to help yourself. 

Joanne’s healing prayers help you to take back your soul power (your creative power), which is exactly what you need to have to make those important energetic shifts in your body/aura and consciousness in order to transform the limiting conditions of your health and life experience. 

Joanne’s healing prayers are for those people who truly desire to clear their underlying energetic imbalances that keep them limited, and to magnify their creative power in order for them to manifest their dreams, increase their abundance, and to heal their body/mind of persisting issues. 

Joanne is excited to guide you through prayer power combined with important spiritual knowledge to be able to live your life to your greatest unlimited potential!

5 Minute Prayers

Joanne’s five minute prayers are launched on You Tube each week and will include a variety of prayers to address different health issues, concerns and life conditions. Why are they called 5 Minute Prayers? Because it takes you less than five minutes a day to pray and to help yourself shift the energies of your body and transform your consciousness. Most of the prayers are less than five minutes to do and you can do them several times a day as you are intuitively guided too. What a positive difference you will notice in your body and daily life as you incorporate the power of Joanne’s five minute prayers on a daily basis.



Answer: Her Own Healing Protocol & Creative Healing Prayer Templates

Going on the understanding that we are spiritual and energetic beings, when we clear the spiritual and energetic imbalances and soul conflict that keep us limited and that hold us back from expressing ourselves in more expansive, loving and successful ways, then we become free of our limitations to express (attract and create) more of our unlimited potential.

Joanne’s Clear Spirit Healing System therefore incorporates and teaches powerful healing knowledge and creative healing prayers derived from her own specific style and system of spiritual healing – her healing protocol and creative healing prayer templates (harmony treatments). Healing shifts takes place and soul conflicts are resolved when divine light frequencies are applied to our specific issues. The appropriate divine light frequencies steams down into our aura, into our body’s cells and into our consciousness to help transform persisting issues. Soul conflicts are brought into the Light and they are addressed at a soul to soul level, bypassing the stress of ego interference, so that understanding, acceptance and resolution can take place. 

Joanne’s healing protocol and creative healing prayer templates are included in her two excellent bestselling online courses: The Angel Healing Online Course  and the Clear Spirit Healing Courses (which are Joanne’s signature spiritual healing level 1 & 2 courses). The knowledge, wisdom and prayer power included in both of these courses is just remarkable and has helped many thousands of people located all around the world. 

Joanne’s healing protocol and creative healing prayer templates (harmony treatments) help address:

A Variety of Persisting Health Issues

Soul Conflict with Others

Soul Conflict with Self

Spiritual Protection

Chakra Clearing (energetic cords & imbalances)

Aura Clearing (energetic congestion from a variety of sources)

Spiritual Interference (to clear a variety of interference) 

And much more!

Be sure to subscribe to You Tube to get your weekly five minute prayers.

Also, check out the outstanding amount of material and knowledge included on the Angel Healing Online Course! This best-selling course is brimming full of healing insight and power and people are amazed at how much info is included.

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