Insomnia Healing Testimonial 


My name is Nicki,

After several months of trying to function on just 2 hours sleep a night, I connected with Joanne Brocas and received distance healing treatments for insomnia.

My body, mind and soul were at an all time low. There was not just one issue causing my insomnia but a build up of an extremely stressful 2years.

In the past few months I had attempted every conceivable way forward to assist my sleeping. After multiple doctors consultations and medication, there was no improvement. The doctors were just trying to treat the symptom and not tackle the cause of my insomnia.

After just one distance spiritual healing treatment from Joanne I felt uplifted and that night I slept for a few hours more. It has taken several distance spiritual healing’s, but I am certainly closer to returning to a more normal sleeping pattern (7hours plus per night).

I still feel tired but no longer wake up feeling totally exhausted. I believe that the more I have managed to break the cycle of not sleeping means it is only a matter of time before my insomnia is in the past.

Thank you Joanne Brocas for my healing, you have helped me more than you can imagine, I am eternally grateful.

Nicki Craven

Update: I am now sleeping in a normal nightly routine and the insomnia has totally gone. Thank you so much, Joanne Brocas.

Nicki Craven

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