In each intuitive energy assessment that I do, I align with your personal vibrational frequency to evaluate the overall quality and condition of your spiritual and energetic anatomy. A Spiritual Clearing/Healing is included within this assessment.

Here are some of the systems that I focus on:


  • Your Chakra System (each energy center)
  • Your Auric Field
  • Your Etheric Body
  • Your Emotional Body
  • Your Mental Body
  • Your Astral Body
  • Your Spiritual Bodies


From this evaluation, I am able to tailor a personalized and detailed Clearing/Healing for you, which is included as part of your intuitive energy assessment.

You will receive a written report of what I discern within your spiritual and energetic anatomy. This will also help you to understand how your energies and consciousness constantly interact with each other; your conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and judgements all impact the overall quality and condition of your physical body and life experience.

Once I have finished your personalized Clearing/Healing for you, I will then provide you with some insight into how you can best help yourself. This can include specific prayers and spiritual affirmations for you say for yourself, a creative energy clearing exercise to do daily, as well as helping you to gain a spiritual understanding about your specific issue/complaint/problem. All of this combined can help you to find your way to achieving a perfect, permanent and complete healing.



Many people do receive instant healings, which means their specific health issue is typically Cleared and permanently Healed within 24 to 48 hours of the Intuitive Energy Assessment & Clearing/Healing treatment. Testimonials Page.

Others receive various degrees of improvements while they continue to work on understanding aspects of their consciousness and/or making beneficial life changes. At this time, they may also desire to have further Clearing/Healing treatments in order to help support them in moving towards their complete and permanent healing. Visit Clearing Packages for low cost treatments.

In a much smaller minority, there are people who do not seem to improve in anyway. Whilst I firmly believe that everyone can heal when they are truly ready, and it is also the WILL of GOD and the UNIVERSE for everyone to be made healthy and whole, to survive and thrive; a person’s free will (whether conscious or unconscious) is in complete control of their own healing. In this sense, a person can either accept or resist a complete and permanent healing for many different reasons.

There are also many different factors and forces involved that can interfere, cause or contribute to a person’s specific health issues. When these are stripped away, and a person’s energies are brought into greater spiritual harmony and energetic balance, then beneficial healing shifts will take place.



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