Intuitive Spiritual Healing

          Intuitive Spiritual Healing is gaining wide popularity with many people throughout the western world as they begin to combine it alongside traditional orthodox medicine. Intuitive spiritual healing recognises that each person is unique in their emotional, mental and spiritual outlook and these important factors do take into account the quality of their overall health and wellbeing. This means that even though two people may have been traditionally diagnosed with the same illness or issue, the actual root cause or contributing factors of the illness or issue can certainly differ from each other within a spiritual and energetic perspective.


We are a combination of mind, body, Spirit, Soul, aura and consciousness. When one part of us is out of sync, then the other parts of us are also, at some level, energetically affected. We are spiritual and energetic Beings first and foremost, as our physical body is the end result of and not prior to our glorious Soul. Our physical body has its own specific energy pattern and rate of vibration, as does our bio-auric field, which combined together will begin to pulse and flow in waves of various Light frequencies. Our mindset (thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and attitude), and the general state of our unresolved feelings (trauma energies and memories) can all have a dramatic effect on our daily habits, actions and our overall health and wellbeing. This combined energetic effect will determine the quality of the Light frequencies that our bio-auric field omits. Positive and beneficial thoughts, attitude, outlook and beliefs, will help us to create a healthier, faster and lighter vibration that will empower us to attract and create more beneficial experiences.

Knowing that our limiting thoughts, false beliefs and a negative attitude and outlook can adversely affect us, drain our vital life force, and interfere with our body’s ability to heal, can also greatly help us to take back our Soul power to make some beneficial changes in consciousness. When we become empowered to shift our consciousness into a more beneficial state, we will automatically help to improve our body’s awesome innate ability to regenerate, repair and heal.

As an example; a person may falsely believe that they are being punished by God due to their unhealed persisting illness. This limiting belief, while not being responsible for creating the illness at hand, certainly interferes with the body’s ability to overcome it. Examining the false belief against God’s Truth, which is that it is ‘always the Will of God’ for a person to ‘heal, to live, to thrive and survive,’ because God is the Life Principle, then the false belief can hold no more physical ground. A beneficial shift and change in consciousness is therefore the immediate result of this new understanding. The Soul’s alignment with God’s Truth will help to provide vital support for the body’s ability to heal itself.


Our intuition is naturally strengthened whenever we take the time to listen to it, to examine it, and to understand it. Our body’s energies send us intuitive messages on a regular basis to help us move back into harmony and vital energetic balance. As an example; the physical condition of sciatica is often associated with deep seated worries of a financial kind. This doesn’t mean that our financial worries were at the root cause of the sciatica, it can simply mean that they keep the sciatica firmly rooted, and any healing of the condition is delayed until we bring our consciousness back into greater harmony and balance regarding our worry and fear.

Fear and worry adversely affects our Chakra System, especially the base/root Chakra, which is our physical grounding to the planet. Psychologically it represents our ability for us to be responsible in meeting our basic material needs and survival requirements. When we worry that we are unable to meet our physical needs and requirements, then this Chakra moves out of vibrational harmony. The organs, systems and body parts it governs, will then become depleted in vital energy that is needed for optimum flow and function.


Our aura will glow and sparkle with ‘Light’ when it’s vibrant and strong, and it will be drab and listless when it is weak. Stress energies that originate from others, from our home/work/school environments, and from our own daily experiences, will lower our vibrational resonance. A balanced state of mind, a positive outlook and balanced emotional equilibrium will all help to raise our vibrational resonance. If we are self-critical or critical of others, then we will unwittingly drain our own energies and will lower our overall vibration. Intuitively examine what may be draining you and take back your Soul power to help yourself heal.  

You can also slowly and chronically drain your energy vibration through being emotionally stuck in the past by being unable to forgive or let go of a trauma, or by consistently fearing the future even though it hasn’t happened yet. Both of these time frames take prisoner of part of your energy system as you are unable to live fully and completely in the present moment. This means that you will only have a limited amount of energy to help you get you through each day, and you can become easily tired and fatigued. You will also lack the clear mental focus and concentration to follow through on creating and attracting to you your heartfelt dreams and desires, as you will simply lack the vital energy required to do so.


The following practical exercise is purposely created to help you clear, rebalance and maintain a good healthy energetic vibration.

Sit comfortably in a chair and make sure you are not going to be disturbed. This exercise will only take a few minutes to do, but if you do this exercise daily, you will be contributing to greater wellbeing.

  1. Take a few long, slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out of the mouth, and relax your body and mind as best you can.
  2. State the following prayer: “I ask the Light of God to surround and protect me from all forms of non-beneficial energies and interference during this exercise for my greatest and highest good. Thank you, God. Amen. It is done!”
  3. Mentally form an intention that you are going to clear your energy field and Chakras. Visualize a large Golden Sun floating high up in the Cosmos. This Golden Sun holds all of the Divine Light Frequencies that God’s Holy Angels stream to the earth’s atmosphere and humankind. Imagine a shower of rainbow coloured Light begin streaming down from this Golden Sun and entering through the Crown Chakra located at top of your head.
  4.  Visualise the Divine Light Streams pouring in and filling up your entire body all the way to your toes. Imagine this Light moving outwards from your body, so that it spills into your aura several feet all around you, above and below.
  5. All non-beneficial energies that you’ve unconsciously absorbed from other people and the environment will now be cleared and neutralized in the super natural power of the Divine Light Streams. You will also be clearing away the adverse energetic effects from any self-criticism, anger, fear, worry, and any other limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you are now ready to let go of. In doing so, your energy is now returning back into greater harmony and balance.
  6. To finish, thank God for helping you. “Thank you, God for clearing and blessing me with the Divine Light Streams of Creation. Amen. It is done!”
Here are some basic intuitive meanings of the Divine Light Streams:
  • Red Light: To help you increase your energy levels.
  • Orange Light: To help you clear any sadness and regain greater emotional equilibrium.
  • Golden Yellow Light: To help you overcome your fears and empower you to make decisive clear decisions.
  • Green Light: To help you regain greater balance within your daily life routine of work, rest and recreation. To help you overcome family disharmony. To help you rebalance the flow of Divine abundance – the energies of giving and receiving.
  • Pink Light: To help you heal from a broken romance and to strengthen your intuitive nature.
  • Turquoise Light: To help you communicate and express the true feelings of your heart within your life experience.
  • Indigo Light: To help you see clearly and perceive what you need to do for the next phase of your life. To rebalance your understanding of truth with God’s Truth. To help you rebalance the energies of your sleep patterns.
  • Violet Light: To help you rebalance your alignment with the Divine presence of God within you, with your Higher-Self alignment, and with God. To help gain greater clarity about your life purpose and direction.
Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers

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