About Joanne Brocas


‘Born to Heal’


Joanne was born in Swansea, South Wales, in 1971, and at a very young age began to have spiritual encounters and experiences with the Afterlife.

It was during her childhood that Joanne began to utilize the astonishing power of prayer for spiritual protection and healing. It is her firm belief that due to her daily and nightly prayers, she was able to actively develop her consciousness, intuitively align with her Higher-self, and expand upon her understanding of the “Light.” Overtime, Joanne naturally developed a high-sense perception of spiritual discernment and powerful healing knowledge.

Further Spiritual Awakening

At seventeen, Joanne felt the intuitive nudge to begin to actively study the spiritual pathway. Joanne became a professional platform medium in her 20’s, and in 2009, she was nominated as finalist for “Best Female Medium,” Wales, UK, in the “Spiritual Connections Awards.”

Joanne decided to fully concentrate on the path of spiritual healing. This took many more years of dedication, healing research, personal development, and further spiritual awakening. Joanne eventually came to a higher understanding of how to spiritually clear and transform a variety of physical ailments and conditions from a spiritual and energetic perspective.

Spiritual Clearings & Healing Training Programs


Joanne’s spiritual healing work has featured on the front page of the ‘Psychic World Newspaper’ in the UK, and has also appeared in world renowned spiritual healer ‘Harry Edwards,’ ‘The Healer Magazine.’ To find out more about the radio shows, magazines, and TV, Joanne has featured in, please visit the media page.

Joanne is most passionate about helping people across the planet to heal with her distance spiritual healing treatments – location is no limitation.

Joanne’s distance spiritual clearings have continuously produced beneficial and miraculous results, and therefore many people, including other healers, want and desire to do spiritual healing training with her.

Joanne now offers expert online healing training programs that enable others to understand and utilize the magnificent power of Spiritual Healing for themselves and others. These online courses are especially beneficial for all those who are unable to travel to healing workshops to study with Joanne.


Workshops & Webinars


ONE DAY Spiritual Dowsing/Healing Workshops are available for all those who want to learn more about the process of spiritual clearing/healing, dowsing, and the awesome power of prayer. Visit the workshop page for more information.

Joanne has also created a pre-recorded Spiritual Dowsing 3 video style webinar for those who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own environment. The webinar includes a variety of specialized spiritual clearing techniques with the use of a pendulum. You can sign-up for Joanne’s newsletter, and/or follow her on Facebook or Twitter to receive the latest updates.


Joanne’s Books


Joanne Brocas is a #1 Award Winning Bestselling Author and world class Intuitive/Spiritual Healer. Joanne’s healing prayer(s) have featured in world renowned Harry Edward’s ‘Healer Magazine.’ Her books have been endorsed by medical doctors and experts, and her distance spiritual healing work has received astonishing testimonials of incredible healing’s that defy the standards of medical science. Joanne is the healing columnist for TOSP (The Other Side Press) magazine, and is also the Director of energy healing education for the ASSMPI. She is a regular guest on radio shows, and has appeared on TV in both the UK and the USA.