Let There Be Light


Light language is a very high frequency stream of sounds that carry specific light codes that can help to clear, resolve and readjust our soul’s multi-vibrational energies to help create positive shifts in our consciousness.


Divine Light Frequencies also carry specific light codes in their color rays/streams that do exactly the same thing through the downloading of powerful divine light intelligence. The light streams also radiate with every single attribute of our authentic divine nature, and so they help to act as a map of light consciousness to reach our pure divine light being heritage. Also known as our perfected higher-self, our soul star, our monad, and our pure divine spark of God, once removed from Source.

Receive & Transmit

Light language and divine light frequencies can be received by any human soul who is in spiritual harmony with the consciousness of a particular stream of light codes. They can then utilize or transmit these light codes for the benefit of themselves, others and nature.


It is important that a person obtain a high level of discernment in their spiritual work so not to be channeling fake energies and interference from other sources that are not of pure divine origin, but who claim to be so.

Discernment is best developed through consistent inner growth; through the direct experience gained from completing numerous client hours in private practice working with other’s energies; through developing a deep trust in one’s heart energy and own higher-self nature; and through the power of prayer and a harmonious re-alignment with unconditional love and Source. The path of spiritual study, meditation, contemplation and prayer, can lead to a balanced and developed intuitive nature.

The Divine Light Team

The divine light team is made up of very high vibrational illuminated light beings such as:

  • The Christ Light Consciousness
  • The Seven Archangels of Divine Light
  • The Holy Spirit of Source
  • Our own perfected Higher-Self/Soul Star/Divine Spark
  • Other pure Benevolent Light Beings from our Solar System


The readjustment of our multidimensional energies includes assistance from any of these illuminated Light beings that we are in particular harmony with. Their light codes stream through our higher-self nature to reach our consciousness and nervous system located anywhere in body, mind and spirit. Each part of us is multidimensional, and when one aspect of us is brought into greater harmony, then this positive change will immediately reverberate through all other dimensions of our being bringing us into a more perfected alignment with wholeness.

What needs Clearing?


Karma Drama

Karmic patterns can be located in any or all of our timelines of consciousness. Karma is also known as the spiritual law of cause and effect. For every misuse of energy we partake in, we also need to clear, correct and resolve it, so we can reach karmic neutral for spiritual and energetic balance.


Soul Timeline

Our soul timeline holds the complete records of our eternal existence and of all experiences that we have ever had since we first became an individual creative spark of light. Some therapists call this past life clearing or akashic records clearing. For every misuse of energy we partake in, we also need to clear, correct and resolve it, so we can reach karmic neutral and balance. I call this soul timeline our spiritual DNA. We are on a spiritual path of evolutionary consciousness and when we clear the karmic ties that bind us, then we will begin to grow in spiritual maturity and evolve our soul’s light and creative power.


Generational Memories 

Our ancestors often repressed their painful memories and were unable to resolve them, some of these get passed along in our spiritual DNA, and some are carried in our physical DNA. Also, some limiting beliefs and false perceptions also get carried into our consciousness, along with karmic bondage created from misdirected creative expression that can hold us back. Unless all of these patterns are resolved they can begin to play havoc and interference in our current time line of experience and with our health. We need to clear and resolve old ancestral memories and patterns that repeat and play out again in our current timeline.


Inner Healing

Our emotional and psychological issues interfere with our health and well-being in the present moment. They can stem from childhood (inner child), or even begin in utero, and will carry our painful memories and limiting beliefs in our consciousness as we age that cause numerous issues to manifest in our present timeline until they are completely resolved. Destructive habits and self-hatred are two such symptoms of the wounded inner child. Psyche is translated as Soul.


Spiritual Healing

Our soul is often in need of spiritual assistance so it can realign with our higher-self and the universal Divine Mind of Source. Through spiritual healing work we can help to release any earthbound spirit attachments and interference from a source that is not of pure origin. Spiritual healing, along with soul timeline healing, also includes healing work in removing old curses, vows, and misaligned false teachings; and can help to clear any deep spiritual pain that can cause a person to lose their will to live. Unconscious death wishes and depression is often the result of unresolved pain carried deep within the spiritual DNA that has saturated the spirit.


Physical Healing

The healing of the physical body. Helping to harmonize our body and mind with our higher-self and our perfect original divine design. We can do this through the re-patterning of the energies of our basic etheric grid with our perfect original divine design/blueprint, so that our newly tweaked etheric grid can then reflect and support this renewed creative design in our physical form. Thus our health and vitality improves.


God Goes Where Love Flows

The main task of the pure and radiant Divine Light Beings is to help you to reconnect with your own Higher-Self Nature and Divine Authority, so that you can begin to take greater charge of your consciousness. They spiritually help you to re-awaken and remember who you truly are. Their cosmic map of divine light frequencies will help to guide your consciousness to re-align with your perfect original divine design. You truly are a divine star. Light up your life today by taking greater vibrational charge of your miraculous body of Light.


If you are interested in discovering more about the cosmic divine power of ‘Spiritual Healing,’ then visit the link below <3

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